I plan to give you an intense giantess humiliation and belittle you beneath my feet. 

Picture the scene for intense giantess humiliation. You’re at home, watching the TV, when my car pulls up. You recognize my face and also my huge bouncing tits. I’m wearing a little black dress that rides up and thick, 5-inch stiletto heels. I have a thick, blue sparkly tote bag and I’m headed to your front door. 

It’s confusing, because you don’t really know me. In fact, I’m best friends with your wife. But your wife is out. And your wife has been out of the house a lot more recently, and her best friend should know that. It’s a crushing humiliation, and given that I’m more than six feet tall, it seems to be an intense giantess humiliation in store for you.

However, when I knock, you answer the door anyway. “She’s not here,” you answer.

I tuck my hair behind my ear. “I’m not here for her. I’m here for you,” I pat my sparkly tote bag. Curious, you let me inside. 

“Your wife sent me with a message,” I tell you, reaching into the bag. Your heart sinks. You’d had suspicions for a while that she was seeing other men: the gifts she came home with, the smeared makeup, the liquid between her thighs before she hit the shower. But as I hand out a small candy, you frown. 

“Eat it,” I tell him. “It’ll help with the news.” You ready yourself for the blow. In fact, you’re very prepared for this intense giantess humiliation, for me to tell you how your wife sleeps with other men. 

You are not prepared to shrink. Down you go, right out of your clothes, naked and five inches high.

Shrinking You Down

The clothes fall around you as you shrink. You manage to worm your way out of a sleeve and run onto your floor. “What the hell?” You yell and look up at me. That intense giantess humiliation you feared is more physically intense than what you anticipated.

“Your wife wanted you out of the way,” I tell you, taking off my stilettos. “So I agreed to help her. And, I get a new toy out of it.” I head towards you, my footsteps like earthquakes. You run for the sofa, but my foot slams down on you. 

“Look at you,” I say. “It’s no wonder she’s been out fucking other men. You’re pathetic. Useless. You are home here when you could have been out doing something.” I grind my foot right into your body. You can barely get any air, let alone respond. 

“But luckily for you, I thought you might have some fun before we use you up.” You hear me speak, and dizzily you look through my toes. “Be a good boy for me. Kiss my feet, and promise you won’t run. I’ll bring you home with me instead of crushing you right here.” You practically cry from the intense giantess humiliation, physical and mental.

But what sort of fool says no to my offer? It’s not like you want giantess crushing sex. So you press your lips to my big toe and promise and beg that you’ll be good for me. 

In response, I remove my foot.  Then, I pick you up, place you inside my empty tote, and zip the cover. You’re unsure of how I’ll use you next, but you know it can’t be any better than the intense giantess humiliation you just got.

This is part 1 of 2! Chat me up for some humiliation phone sex of your own! 

Thank you to D for the inspiration! 🙂 

Intense Giantess Humiliation