Sometimes I find weird things on my online hentai searches, and giantess crushing sex is one of those weird titles.

It turns out, the giantess crushing sex scene ends up being a scene of a shrunken man, who ended up crushed underneath a woman’s head as she slept.

I was a little disappointed in the scene, you know? First off, I know the scene builds to eventual crushing between boobs and pussy, but I also want to watch him be crushed under someone’s foot. Secondly, I want there to be actual giantesses in the giantess crushing sex video, rather than one very small man.

Still, there are some pluses to the video. The women pass around the guy, lick him, and even find he makes a great dildo.  He’s about the same size as a girl’s clit. Because he is so small, it feels great for the girl. And when he’s stuffed inside her panties, he gets soaked with her wetness. I don’t know about how he feels, but man, I want to feel someone squirming there.

Growing Larger

So, I began sketching out a few ideas on how my idea sex movie would go.

The first idea was how I am now a giantess. I probably get involved in something scientifically shady. I head to sleep back in my dorm, only to wake up when I turn over and fall out of bed.

Then, I find I’m growing. My bra is too small, digging into my skin. At the same time, my underpants get lost between my booty, a strangely forced g-string.

Can you imagine the buttons on my blouse? They pop right off. My breasts are too big to fit into anything. Nothing I normally wear fits me; consequently, I’m naked. Naked, and I need my sheets to fit into some sort of toga.

Additionally, I keep growing. My bones ache and I realize I’m taller than I normally am. Compared to when I went to bed, I’ve grown a foot. I need to get out of the dorm room, I realize. As I plan my escape, my head hits the ceiling. I’m growing faster, now.

Naked or no, I need to get out of the dorm. Now head and shoulders above the tallest guys, I run down the stairs and out into the world.

Still, I grow. My size increases, and I’m not used to it. I accidentally fall back onto a car and crush it with my ass. I’m too big, and I see a few men, now the size of my feet, whistling at me. My sheets are nothing more than a washcloth, and I throw them away. They don’t cover anything. In a few hours, I’m suddenly as tall as most of the skyscrapers in the city. I’m a giantess. Men are tiny toys around me.

Using Men

I pick up men left and right, giving them a squeeze. If they don’t break in my hands, I use them on my body. I throw one in my breasts- his struggles to hold on only tickle me. Boob man has to hold onto my nipples to keep himself from falling. Quickly, I grab another man, and now I’ve got a pair of man nipple rings.

I accidentally step back and squish something underneath my foot. Surprised, I reach down and study the man I’ve now snared in my hand. Disappointed, I toss him- who cares if he falls to his death? Part of being a giantess is that I can do whatever I want. It’s not like there is a prison that can hold me!!

Next, I search for a good dildo. Men are mere objects now, objects inserted into vaginas for giantesses like me. Dildos are best for me when wide, but my clit is needy, too. So I reach for two men, one running to my left and one hiding behind a car to my right. I grab them both, give them a squeeze, and head over to the park.

Finally, I have a space I can lay down in! I open up my legs and stuff the first man inside my hole. I can feel his legs kick inside me. It’s great, deep, like my fingers, actually. The second I put on my clit, demanding that he get to work. His tiny hands rub my clit, while the men on my tits keep holding on for dear life. I laugh at them, pleased at how hard they’re working for me.

This is exactly what men are for.


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giantess crushing sex