When I was a teenager, there were a lot of objects inserted into vaginas.

Look, I’ve had lots of objects inserted into vaginas, specifically, my vagina.  You know this, based on some of the college sex stories I’ve written, specifically, “College Girls Naked“. 

It was my favorite game to partake in as a high school student. I’d tease the other high school boys by putting something up my pussy, and giving it back to the owner. Usually, the boys would shudder and look away, hard-ons clear beneath their desk.

The easiest thing to shove up there were pens and pencils. A boy might ask me for a pencil, and I’d reach underneath my uniform skirt and pull out a wet piece of wood, handing it to him. I loved the way the boys would blush and turn away from me, but their hands would run over the length of the pencil again and again. Their fingertips would seek out any moisture and try to absorb it.

A few of them went so far as to give me pencils to hold on to for later. Some were of various sizes, thick pencils or ones with weird symbols at the end instead of an eraser. These were much more fun to slide in and out of my pussy, given that they had different sizes and textures. I’d move them around, sometimes masturbating myself instead of paying attention to my math teacher. Really, I had something way more fun to do all day- and something that just grabbed my attention.


Some of the boys went a step further- the wanted to watch me slide rulers into my pussy. They were wider and easier to spread; I charged a few of them $50 for a peek inside my pussy. The longer they looked, the more I charged them. So I’d slide rulers up and down, sometimes two at a time to stretch my pussy all nice and wide for my audience.

The boys loved it; they’d often give me more and more rulers, more and more objects. I’m sure they loved just any objects inserted into vaginas, but I’m the one that gave them a show, let them sneak a peek at me during homeroom or study hall. They knew I’d put out, and I was easy to explore with. So they gave me money, probably picturing their cock while I slipped their ruler inside my pussy during English class.

Getting Caught

But one day, as a boy was about to ask me to stick an iPod into my pussy (he told me he’d seen it online), one of my teachers, my math teacher, asked me to come aside. He asked me why I was distracting all of the boys.

I countered that I wasn’t and that my math teacher was being sexist. I was no more distracting than a naughty magazine. He sighed and asked me to talk in his room, and he locked the door behind him.

“On my desk,” he told me, and I sat on his desk, my heart thumping in my chest. Surely I wouldn’t be caught now? He didn’t think I was shoving objects into vaginas, right? 

My math teacher pulled down the shade and walked over to the desk. He placed his hand suddenly inside my skirt. My pussy was no match for his grabbing fingers, and he pulled out several pencils that fell to the floor. “Makes sense why they were all distracted,” he muttered to himself, and then he forced my legs wider. “A little slut like you needs something in her pussy all the time, huh?”

I didn’t say anything, but fingers replaced those pencils. His fingers were bigger and warmer than pencils. I panted as he worked them into my hole. He must have noticed because he laughed. “Look at you. Begging for it.”

If only I knew what to beg for! But when I opened my mouth, and he slammed his dirty fingers inside me- fingers already covered in my own juices.

“I’ll give you what you want, slut,” he promised.


Do you like to think about objects inserted into vaginas?  If you want to have a phone sex call where you have me place different items inside me- Call!

objects inserted into vaginas