Ah, college girls naked is the best, what can I say?

I know you want pictures of us college girls naked. Alas, all I can give is a picture of the figurines used. It doesn’t take much for me and my friends to get naked. And we’re super competitive, as well. So whenever you have competitive college girls together, you can bet we’ll have wild, wild times. So when one of the girls talked about improving her boyfriend’s sex stamina, you bet we were all over that. We wanted to tease his lack of stamina and see if he’d come all over himself when he saw a bunch of naked friends of his all over his bed.

We decided to all break into his room and take our clothes off, his girlfriend on his chair while the rest of us waited for him in his bed. But of course, as the way these things go, he didn’t show up when we expected him.

Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.

I, always the instigator, suggested we play even more with each other. Boyfriend had a couple of figures on his dresser, and I commented on how one looked very sexy, her boobs out. “She makes me wet, looking at her,” I mentioned, and dragged the figure down to my pussy.

The others laughed. But then they gasped as I pushed it in, showing them how well I could take that figure inside me. “How does it feel?” the girlfriend asked.

“Weird,” I admitted, but the thrill of having it inside me was way, way too enticing. “Try it.”  Two of the girls grabbed the figures, while one of them grabbed the handle and fucked me with it. She pushed it all the way in my pussy, a sexy naked girl fucking me with another sexy naked girl. I gasped, while another placed another figure up her pussy.

And that’s when the boyfriend walked in.

He nutted on the spot.


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*Yes, some of the figurines got broken. We replaced all of them for him.