The last time we left off, you were in my bag, and had no idea you were about to be my living sex toy. 

In fact, you knew I would do something with you; a living sex toy was just not part of the equation. Before, you were under my feet, five inches tall. Then, you begged me for mercy while I finished telling you how your wife wanted you out of the picture. Now, you’re in my bag, which heaves upwards as I pick you up. 

You hear me move, fabric rustling with only the fabric between you and gravity. Then, you hear the familiar jingling of keys. “Just locking up,” I inform you. “I’m just letting your wife know she’s free. Plus, I have the living sex toy I wanted.” Your cheeks burn at the intense giantess humiliation. But, you behave. Since, you know, I proved I can do whatever I want to you. 

After I finish writing, you hear me step out the front door. The familiar turn of the deadbolt rings in your ears.  If you close your eyes, you can imagine being normal again. However, the fabric of the bag hits your face. Unfortunately, you still are five inches of a “living sex toy”.

Rather than contemplate what that means, you blackout from fear. 


When you come to, you awake in my bed, naked but exposed. No longer inside of the bag. You see shelves full of bottles, potions, and my back.

More importantly, my naked ass bounces as I mutter something to myself. Fear keeps you glued to the bed, and the smell of aloe and rose makes your head spin. “I decided to treat myself today to another toy,” I say. I turn around. 

Between my legs is a dick that is growing bigger. Suddenly, being a living sex toy seems scary. 

“Come on,” I say, and my giant hand crashes down next to you on the bed. Your heart thumps in your chest as you scoot back on my bedspread. “Give it a little suck, won’t you?” In fact, I grab your torso and begin to drag you to my cock. This is more in line with what a living sex toy might be, you realize. 

As suspected, my cock is growing. Rather, the total size keeps growing rather than the hardness making me inflate. Quickly, you put your mouth on part of my cockhead, feeling my skin expand underneath you.

I laugh. “If you don’t know how to suck, then fine. I got another idea.” 

A Living Cocksleeve

Suddenly, I snap my fingers. In response, your limbs begin to move of their own accord, wrapping around my cock and hugging it. I move down to hold you in place, and my cock begins to slide in and out of our limbs, against your body. 

In fact, you aren’t just a living sex toy- you’re a living cocksleeve! Your eyes burn at the humiliation. In my opinion, your mouth isn’t even good enough for oral. Instead, I just want to rub myself against your body. 

For a moment, I listen to your embarrassment and protestation. However, it has no effect, as I push my cock through your arms and legs again. This time, I laugh and speak as I use you. “This is what you were meant for, oh yes,” I tell you. “While your wife is out fucking bigger dicks, it’s only fair that you do, too, right?”

I laugh as my stomach tightens. In response, my cock throbs against your finty body. Instantly, white streams of cum splash against your face. It blinds you, and all you hear is my laughter.

Part 2 of 2 complete! Thank you D for the inspiration!

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