All I want for Christmas is an incredible sex doll. 

I’ve got my eye on a few incredible sex dolls, honestly. I know what you’re thinking: Sex dolls are for guys, right? Well, not just guys.

Who doesn’t want another ladder to dress up or to play with when they’re lonely? I might have a lot of women on call, but that doesn’t mean they show up immediately. Even if I have a guy on the line, it takes him at least 30 minutes from his house to mine. And, with some sex toys, that’s two orgasms I could be having while waiting for him. 

So, my Santa wish is to get one of those very nice sex dolls. Ones I can rut and trib against. Maybe one who would be fun to dress up into lingerie, you know?

I don’t want some low-quality doll, either. Really, no one needs a blow-up doll that will explode when you run your nails down her skin. No, I wanted one of the fancy dolls, an incredible sex doll, who even reacts when you touch them. I’m a dominant lady. I love taking charge. So, seeing some of those real sex dolls, whose faces move? Hell yes. 

Her skin will be pale but almost human-like. Her skin should retain some warmth after I’m finished; I don’t want a hard plastic. I want her to be like a lover, as close to that as I can get.

More than anything, I want instant sex. And I want to take it as often as I can. A highly sophisticated sex doll removes waiting from that. So, she’s perfect for me.

Christmas Day

I imagine Santa has left me one of those dolls with her legs spread apart. For looks, she has straight black hair and dark almond eyes. Her breasts are bigger than mine, with little chips and pressure points in her body to encourage her to gasp and moan as I suckle on her. Her pussy, which isn’t removable, is open and spread, too. I’m hoping for a little bit of fur if we’re being honest.

With my fingers trailing on her pale skin, I reach down and give her pussy a squeeze. I put lube on my fingers to get her ready, pressing my mouth against her lips. I finger her in and out and in and out. Plus, I get to keep my fabulous nails on, rather than trim them down.

When she’s nice and lubed up, I rock my hips to trib on her for a moment. Her slick pussy rubs against mine, nearly perfect as our bushes intermingle. After, I’m going to pull out my double-ended dildo. In fact, I might even pull out my strap-on, and drive it right inside her. She won’t complain about the size. And I’m glad to have someone there with me, ready to fuck into oblivion.

That would be the perfect Christmas gift: an incredible sex doll.


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