There’s been some talk on the news of a group of people trying to open a robot sex doll brothel in Houston, which is located in Texas, home of the unfortunate law that bans the sale of sex toys.

If you don’t already know, please be aware that opening a sex doll brothel is my dream, along with several other people’s dream who also enjoy the subsection of sex toys that look and feel just like us. We all enjoy a good sex doll, Terminator-themed or the old-fashioned blonde babe with her lips in an “o”.

I’m not the only one with this sex doll brothel dream, that’s all I’m saying.

I remain unsurprised at this report of brothel hinderance. Nobody proper and refined wants brothels (boo). Especially not Texas, given that Texas is home to The Obscene Device Law, which makes it illegal to sell sex toys or to own more than six.

I know what’s in your mind: Well, Elise, is the law enforced, or is it a weird oldy-time textbook law? 

The answer is sometimes. Sometimes, like all obscure laws, it is enforced. This law is being used to claim the robot brothel is not legal, as far as my understanding. (As for other states… well, if you would like to speak more to me about opening a robot brothel together under any other US state law… by all means, let’s set up that call. See my number below for those sexy deets).

But I think Texas is shooting itself in the foot by not allowing the robot sex doll brothel to happen. A sex doll brothel would help win over the hearts, minds, and genitals of those who wish to enforce The Obscene Device Law. 

I’ve talked about the benefits of owning a sex doll brothel before. But think about what it else can come with sex dolls: sex toys.

A sex doll is a great way to see how a sex harness works. It’s also helpful on how a vibrator/dildo works in someone’s pussy or ass. Stores selling sex toys often have mannequins on display for that very reason. A future customer can see how much thrusting a pulsator vibe will thrust into an orifice before you buy it. A curious newbie to anal play might see how to properly apply a plug, and realize exactly why a flared base is always required for anal play. 

Once you can play with toys, without reservations and shame about using sex toys, you start to realize why they’re so much fun. A Hitachi wand is great, but it’s the equivalent to a missile in the sex toy world; sometimes you need to bring out the small guns to enjoy the session. And using the toys for a trial session with a sex robot makes perfect sense to try the toy before you buy! It’s a win-win for everybody kinky!

Until then, I guess I’ll have to try all the sex toys in existence.


Wanna hear me use those sex toys during our phone sex call?