Owning a brothel with a ready, available sex doll has always been a dream of mine.

A couple of years ago, I saw my first realistic sex doll. In a porn, a man fucked a redheaded sex doll as hard as he could, going wild and throwing it around as he gripped its silicone hips and slammed into it. I didn’t know about sex dolls before, but after seeing that porn? I was suddenly very interested.

So here’s my dream: to start a sex doll brothel. I would want to buy 20 of them or 30 of them. There’d be no worries about STDs, no worries about pregnancies, no sick days. The best part is none of them will get tired. If a guy wants to hire a doll for 12 days and pay for it, it’s not like she’ll complain.

They’ve got these perfect, round lips that I’d be free to paint. Hair varies by length, color, or any other wig you’d want. You can move their hands into any position. Their silicone skin can be ice-cold or super warm, depending on what sort of temperature play I’d want for the day. Even their breasts can be changed out and optimized to any requested size. There’s one more addition that makes me even more wet than normal when I think about it. Some sex dolls have optional cocks. I really can get a doll that really does everything.

The idea of the brothel is this:

A guy comes in. He chooses either a doll or a room. If he wants any adjustments to the doll, perhaps bigger breasts, I adjust the doll to his liking. After I adjust, he’s free to do whatever he wants with that doll. Or maybe another guy is taken with a room’s theme, a Hello Kitty bondage room, for example. He enters the room in and sees the doll all bound up in bright pink rope, and spanks her ass.

Want a cold doll? Right this way to the icebox, our arctic themed room. She’s got blue lips and frosted tips, a regular snow queen. I promise despite her looks, her chilled body is ready for cock.

Want a lolita sex doll? She’s all dressed up in the lollipop room. A cutesy-cute girl in frilly dresses, stockings, and Mary-Janes waits for you to lift up her skirt and finger her sweet little hole. If you lick her out, her cum will taste like strawberries.

One doll resembles your teacher; another your cartoon crush, and another doll especially looks like that woman you’ve always wanted in your life. All of these sex dolls lined up and waiting for you to play. Whether it be with your cock, tongue, or hands, my sex dolls will always be waiting for you to make them real women.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing. Sometimes, I wouldn’t be monitoring the sex doll rooms, seeing which rooms are free and which are open. I wouldn’t be keeping tabs on which dolls were clean and which need to be bathed. No. Every so often, I’d put on my makeup and crawl into a room, and be absolutely still…

…and wait for you to come in and ravish me the way you do my dolls.

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