Everyone should have some sort of sexual bucket list! 

So, let me share with you my sexual bucket list for 2021. Of course, I had different expectations in the past, with multiple partners, orgies, and even an incredible sex doll! I’ll try anything once, and 2020 didn’t let me down for fantasies and kinks I was exposed to! I learned about so many new ways to get someone aroused this past year. So, I want to see how some of these kinks will play out in real life!

Hopefully, 2021 grants me these lovely kinks I have yet to indulge in. 

Shaving- Let Someone Shave Me!

Normally, I don’t trust anyone with my beauty regimen. My makeup and my skincare are all my own. And, though I toot my own horn, I make sure I appear flawless. I exfoliate, wash, lotion up, and wear nightly masks. 

But there’s something that makes me shiver about having someone between my legs, carefully putting a blade to my skin. That’s why shaving is on my sexual bucket list. Each swipe leaves clean, smooth skin behind. It’s a form of submission and power, knowing they could knick me at any moment. 

Plus, having my most intimate parts trimmed? The thought of someone watching my bush intensely, focused on it makes my pussy drip. And afterward, my partner lotions up my legs. Then, they’ll surely see how much I need to be played with!

It sounds super intense! 

Gas Pedal Pumping- Vroom, Vroom!

So this one doesn’t get me going, per se. But, I know for a lot of guys, watching my 6-inch heels slam onto a gas pedal really starts their engines! So I want to find one of those guys and have him watch me put my pedal to the metal (in neutral or park, of course), and watch him grow. I wonder if I pump faster, will his cock raise faster? These are so many questions! 

Sometimes things on my sexual bucket list aren’t for me- but rather, to see how people react to them. There’s something incredible about watching someone else get aroused that just gets me going! Of course, that’s why I became a phone sex operator in the first place! I’ll try anything once!

Mud Fighting and Wrestling- a Mess is the Best!

Lastly, I have mud-wrestling on my sexual bucket list. I always love wrestling and play-fighting, mostly because of how I get to touch the other person. I’m no pro, though– I just love trying to pin down my partner in bed. 

But given how much outdoor sex I crave, I think mud-wrestling would be a lot of fun. Slippery ladies, I could feel squirm underneath me as I grope their breasts and smack their asses? Count me in! 

Of course, there’s also the regular wrestling part, too! Holding someone down and making them submit gives me the ultimate thrill! However, I won’t say no to someone smooshing me between their boobs, either! Mud fighting seems like a win-win! 

Maybe you could engage these fantasies with me? Or do you have some unusual, hidden kinks of your own?? I’d love to give them a try! Please call to help this phone sex operator learn more about sexual fantasies and kinks! 

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