I have an obsession. I absolutely LOVE Supernatural. Sam Winchester is absolutely adorable, Castiel is so cute but Dean Winchester. Dean has my heart by the balls. He is tough, sexy, has beautiful green eyes, and makes me want to rip my clothes off and touch myself. But, I would fuck both their brains out! Let’s take a little trip to where the Winchester brothers are going next. And let’s see where this takes us on the road so far…


The boys are deep into Bailey’s tight, tasty pussy. They grab at her tits and each others’ hard bulges. She moans and lets them lick away as her followers grab Sam and Dean and snap them out of her hypnosis. “What the hell did you do to us?!” Dean shouted. “I simply brought out what you truly want. Raw, uninhibited fucking.” Bailey said, cracking a smile. Her followers take the boys and tie them to a large stake in the ground. “What do you want from this town?! What do you want from these people?!” Sam questioned. Bailey turns and begins to pinch her nipples… and caress her body in front of the crowd of followers.

“I want to feed off of them. Their pleasure brings me pleasure. Their gluttony makes me so hot. It all makes me feel amazing. And every single time someone cums it’s like a rite to bring forth The Horned One. The one I dedicate my entire life to and have for the last few thousand years. I have sacrificed much… just to please him. And he will be coming for me to tell me about my good deeds.”

Dean just stares at Bailey’s round ass… licks his lips and begins to fall for her hypnosis. His eyes turn black and he breaks free from his ropes and begins to fondle Sam. Sam struggles and Bailey comes closer to him, looking him right in the eyes, she raises her arms and creates a vibration that Sam feels immediately. And he too falls under her hypnosis. He and Dean begin to kiss. Deep, long, sloppy, wet kisses and Bailey joins in. She helps Sam out of his ropes and the entire crowd closes in.

Fucking is happening all around. Pussies being licked, dicks being sucked, the pounding of asses and cunts are all around… no one can stop. Bailey, Sam, and Dean are in the middle… Bailey begins to rip Deans’ jeans down and bring out his throbbing cock… Sam gets down and begins to suck it. Sam slobs Dean’s knob and shoves it deep into Bailey’s pink cunt. Dean fucks Bailey until she squirts into Sam’s waiting mouth.

The rest of the night is a blur… the boys wake up the next morning in the Impala. Wondering what had happened and was it all a dream? They looked around for anyone who remembers them and no one did. And no one knew who this Bailey was.. even though she sounded slightly familiar.

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