When I get told no I use blackmail to get what I want. I went shopping with my bff today looking for the perfect outfit for our girls night on Friday. I got this hot little skirt and top, pantyhose and matching high heels. The skirt is a little short but I’m only wearing it to get the attention I deserve. I still had some errands to run so I had my bestie drop of my bags at her house. Later that day I went to her house to pick up my bags when her boyfriend answered, she had got called into work so he let me in told me bags were in her room. I wanted to try on my outfit as I had second thoughts on my choice. As I was sliding on the panty hose one by one I notice I hadn’t closed the door all the way and I could see him peeking in the cracked door.

“John can you come here for a second.” He pushes open the door. “ What do you think? Think this will work for Friday?” I get the whole it looks fine but he stutters on his words a little, I approach him running my finger down his chest. He backs up a little and says he should leave and let me get dressed but that isn’t the answer I want. “ John you know you want me I saw you looking and I hope you liked what you saw.” He tries playing it cool and denies looking, I take my hand against his chest and push him on the bed. He says we shouldn’t but he can’t resist my hands sliding down his pants. Want to see how I blackmail John into my panties? I slide my panty hose off my legs and use them to tie him to the bed. I run my hands down his body, down his pants.

I take his cock out of his pants and place it in my mouth. I noticed john loves a little cock sucking from the way his cock was throbbing. I get off my knees and reach for my phone and snap a few pics, he panics wanting to know why, but I don’t lie “John I want to fuck you more than once and when you go feeling all guilty I use blackmail to get what I want. I straddle Johns face, he can’t move he’s all tied up. I smother John putting his face between my cheeks and forcing him to lick my ass. Once my ass feels wet I know its ready for his cock. I straddle his cock and slide it inside my ass, riding him feeling every inch of him. “Come on John cum or she sees, you know I want that load inside me give it to me John.” Can you submit to the girl next door?
blackmailKinky Kelsey