“A hypnosis sex session?” I whisper out loud which came out louder then I wanted.

That is when you join me on the bed, and you pull me closer into you. I was startled by your suggestion of a hypnosis sex session.

“Stop worrying, Olivia. You trust me with everything else we have done”, you tell me.

I have to think about it for a second. I mean, we had done a lot of stuff. You have tied me down, suspended me from the ceiling, and you have spanked me loads of times. But we always had a safe word.  It would be so weird to completely let you have control over me.

So weird….but it makes my pussy start to leak. Maybe a hypnosis sex session wouldn’t be so bad. I mean, I told you that I would try anything at least once. What do I have to lose? So, I tell you that we can try it, and I ask what you are going to do to me when I’m under hypnosis.

All you do is give me a sly smirk that tells me I should probably be worried. But we have been fuck buddies for a while, and you always make me cum so hard. I couldn’t back out of our fun now. So we agree that I should come over to your apartment to get out of my surroundings. Tuesday rolls around, and I am knocking on your door.

I have been mentally preparing myself for our hypnosis sex session all week.

So, you let me in and you make me sit down on your couch. You sit next to me, and you start rubbing my leg to tease me. Your hand lifts my dress up my thigh as you reach higher and higher. I can’t help but stop moving my hips up and down to egg you on.

Then I feel your hand on my cheek, and you turn it towards me. Your lips touch mine and they feel so good. I love how your tongue feels when you start to play with mine. Now, who is teasing who? Just when you can tell how badly I want you to make me cum, you stop.

Of course, we have to get this show on the road. But you never were very patient when it came to our new sex experiences. You get up and you move from the couch to a chair just across the living room. You stare at me for a good minute, then ask if I’m nervous. Of course, I’m nervous I think to myself.

But I just give you a coy smile to let you know that I’m ready. Then you pull something out of your pocket, and it takes me a minute to see what it is. It’s an old pocket watch. I giggle, and think to myself how typical this is for my first hypnosis sex session. You are not amused by my laughing and you start moving it back and forth slowly. I hear your words, but my brain doesn’t register them.

You keep talking, but my mind isn’t even thinking about whatever your speaking.

Then, you stand up and come over to me. You immediately pull out my tits from my tank top and you start playing with my nipples. I would never let you do something so bluntly, but my hands don’t reach out to stop you. In fact, I do the opposite and I reach out for your cock right when you tell me too.

I never knew a hypnosis sex session would make me feel like that. I was so horny, and all I could think about was your cock. You clapped your hands, and I got down on my knees.  Then, I felt your cock press against my lips and without thinking I opened my mouth as wide as I could. Your cock tasted so good, and it was like I had never tasted something so yummy before. It completely turned me into a desperate fuck whore.

I swallowed your cock all the way down to your swollen balls. I could tell they were already so full of cum. Nothing else was on my mind except how much cum I could get you to blow for me, but I knew just because you came you wouldn’t end our hypnosis sex session.

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