The sissy Cuckold my husband turned out to be. Here is his story. I was very surprised the day I searched for my husband’s computer. Turns out BBC and cross-dressing were at the top of the list. I always aim to please him. I set up a girls night and talked him into joining us on one condition. That was he dressed up like us. He acted reluctantly but I knew he wanted it. Heather and I dolled him up real nice. He needed something sexy to wear. So we went shopping first. He was so nervous and so cute. He couldn’t hide his erection. At the clothing store, it just so happened the salesperson was a man. Kinda chubby and unattractive but very helpful.


Heather suggested we make my husband flirt with him.

He was against it. However, Heather is pretty persuasive. You don’t tell her no. He did as he was told. After a few minutes, Heather stepped in and kissed the salesperson and pushed my man to his knees. Told him to pull out his dick. I was floored and turned on at the same time. My man was sucking dick dressed up like a girl. In the middle of a store. It didn’t take long for the chubby guy to cum in my husband’s mouth. My husband stands up and I notice his cute little skirt had a wet spot. We didn’t let him change.

Sissy Cuckold 1

Driving to the club.

It was a quiet ride. At the bar, my husband tried to change his mind. Heather wasn’t having it. She owned him and he knew it. Once in the club, the guys flocked toward us. After a few drinks were flowing everyone was loose. My husband was making out with a couple unsuspecting guys. He was having fun jerking a guy off till he wanted more. The guy took my husband and bent him over the table pulled up his skirt and down with the panties. When he saw his dick he was like wtf. He slapped his ass hard and proceeded to force his dick in my husband’s ass. I was sitting across the table looking my man in the eyes. He was in pain at first. It slowly turned into ecstasy for him. He started smiling at me. The other bar patrons lined up to fuck this little girly boy. On the way home, he had to ride home face down his ass was so sore. That’s the day I lost my husband and gained another bestie.

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