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She brought home a nice BBC for her husband to watch her fuck. He had been waiting patiently on his knees by the bed for her to arrive home. After making him admit that he wanted it she lifted her dress and made him lick her wet pussy to get her ready to be fucked. Not like she needed it, her pussy was already soaked just thinking about the big cock that she was about to be fucked by.

Her husband licked and sucked her clit so good it was obvious that he was enjoying the thought of preparing her for that black cock. The black man was done waiting. He pulled her off of her husband’s face and laid her down on the bed. He undid his pants and pulled out a cock that even soft was bigger than his. She took one look at it and told her husband how much bigger he was than him.

She told her husband to stay on the floor and watch how a real man took care of her.

The man took out his cock and grabbed a hold of her hair. He used his fist full of hair to pull her head down onto his cock. As he grew harder in her mouth his dick started filling out and moving deeper into her throat. She started to gag every time he pushed it in. Her husband watched in fascination as her head bobbed up and down on his massive tool.

Her pussy was soaked. The more she sucked that BBC she got more and more turned on. He grew to the point that her mouth was no longer able to accommodate the size. She pulled him out of her mouth and continued to stroke him with her hand using her tongue to lick up and down his shaft. Looking over toward her husband she saw the surprised look on his face as he took in the size of the stranger’s cock.

He had finally reached his full length and she couldn’t wait to have him stretching her pussy around it.

He pushed her down onto the bed and lifted one of her legs onto his chest. Taking his massive cock in his hand he rubbed the head of it up and down her dripping slit before pointing the head of it to her opening. Her pussy was so tight it took him a few tries before he could even get the head of his cock to penetrate her opening.

Once inside he still had to work his dick in and out slowly, adding more and more with each thrust. Her husband watched in awe as his sweet wife took more and more of the stranger’s cock. He had never seen her so stretched out in his life and the fact that he was turned on by watching it was a new feeling for him. His smaller, now inadequate cock was harder than ever and he couldn’t help but touch it.

His wife was now taking every inch of BBC that was offered and loving every minute of it. The stranger was pounding away at her tight cunt so hard that her entire body was bouncing on the bed. Her moans grew louder and more frequent and he knew she was about to cum. That didn’t stop the stranger. He continued pounding and pounding as her orgasm took her over. She was already tight around him but when she started cumming her pussy clenched even tighter around his huge black cock and he exploded inside of her.

He filled her married pussy with his black seed as her cum leaked out around his dick.

When he pulled out his deflating cock her husband watched as cum leaked from her stretched hole. Before he even knew what happened his cock exploded with barely even touch. Cum leaked from his dick all over his leg. As his wife lay there on the bed trying to recover the stranger quickly dressed. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear before turning to her husband. With a smirk on his face, he told him how good his wife’s pussy felt wrapped around his dick. He told him not to worry about his little dick not being able to please her anymore….he’d come around to make sure she was well taken care of from now on.

They heard a little chuckle leave her as she lay on the bed. He did good for his first cuckold experience but she had some pretty hot plans for him next time. This was the start of some really fucking hot fun! Come be my little cuck boy. I promise I’ll take good care of you!! LOL Give me a call….the fun has just begun.

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