Is it really considered cheating if she’s bringing the guy home so her husband can watch?

The cuckold training had been going on for weeks. My friend was finally ready to take things to the next step. Although it felt like cheating she knew that her husband wanted to watch her getting fucked by a big black cock just as much as she wanted it. He even helped her pick out her outfit and get ready for her night out.

Her plan was simple. She was going to go to a bar not far from their home and sit by herself. That was a sure fire way to attract men. But she wasn’t looking for any man. She wanted a guy with a big fat dick to stretch her married pussy out. That was going to be the easy part though. What was going to be harder to find was a guy that was okay with fucking her in front of her husband.

She finished getting ready pretty early so she used that time to talk up her husband. Naughty words flowed from her mouth so easily now. By the time she finally left the house she realized that the pep talk she was giving her husband did the same thing for her.

She was ready to find that big dick to bring home.

She was feeling more confident than ever before. Her tight black dress hugged her body and showed off her sexy figure and had a low neckline that showcased her natural DD tits. Heads turned to look at her when she walked into the room and took a seat at the bar. She made sure that the seats on either side of her were empty to accommodate the men that she would soon be talking with. After a few drinks and many conversations later, she finally had the right guy for the job.

He was in his early 20’s and all he cared about was getting laid. The fact that she was a married woman about to be cheating on her husband didn’t bother him in the least. When she mentioned that they would be fucking in front of him started off as a problem but after some quick explaining, he was okay with that as well.

They left the bar and headed to her house. Her husband was waiting for them on his knees in their bedroom just like he was told. What a good little cuckold bitch! As they walked into the bedroom they could see him next to the bed naked waiting for his next orders.  She never thought she would be a cheating wife, but the thought of it turned her on like crazy.

Seeing her husband there waiting to watch her get fucked just fueled her desire.

Walking up to him she looked down and asked her husband if he was ready to watch her cheating on him with a real man. He nodded his head but she wanted more and told him to verbalize what he wanted. As soon as he said that he wanted his cheating wife to turn him into a cuckold her pussy flooded with wetness.

She lifted her dress to reveal her bare pussy that she made him shave for her earlier and told him to lick it and get it ready for the big cock to fuck. This was just the start…Just wait until you hear how fucking hot this cheating wife can be! Give me a call and I’ll turn you into a little cuckold just like her husband! Or maybe you’d like to be the one fucking me while he watches….

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