Her cuckolding dreams had to begin with a little training.

My friend had been dreaming about cuckolding her husband for a very long time! She craved more…more attention, more lust and definitely more cock! Getting married at a young age had this sexy woman blinded to the reality of how much was really out there. After becoming slightly bored in her marriage she turned to using toys and watching porn. That’s when her mind began to wander more and more.

After seeing a few cuckolding movies her imagination started to go wild. She wasn’t ever dissatisfied with the size of her husband’s cock until porn opened her eyes to the possibilities. Now even during sex with him she would close her eyes and picture another man fucking her while her husband was made to watch a real cock pleasing her. She would cum hard! So much harder than she ever had before with him and she knew that she had to have more.

Not being able to stop the cravings, she started to research cuckolding and how she could train her husband to crave it just as much as she did. Everything she read told her to start slow. First introduce him to the fact that she liked porn. Then bring in toys and make him watch as she used them. Having him watch as she fucked herself to the point of cumming all over the dildos and vibrators but not letting him join in. He had to play with himself while she pleasured her own pussy in front of him.

The next step was adding in some naughty talking. While she played with her pussy she would say things like “You like the way that big cock stretches my pussy don’t you?” Making him answer her and having him become a part of the playing by verbally expressing his desire of watching her get fucked by her toys opened the door for even more. She started upgrading her toys to longer, thicker cocks. As her tight cunt became stretched farther she expressed her desire for more. “Don’t you want to see me getting fucked by a big cock?” “Tell me how much you want to feel my used, sloppy pussy around your dick after I get fucked.”

And so it continued. She would go out with friends, texting him the whole time, teasing him with scenarios and hot cuckolding possibilities. When she finally had him role playing with her she knew it was time to see how much she could really get away with. She couldn’t wait to get the next part of her plan in motion. It’s supposed to be happening soon and I can’t wait to share the naughty details with you! Let’s play out some scenarios of our own! Give me a call, let’s see just how hot we can get!

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