Everyone should have some hot revenge sex at least once in their life!

Having hot revenge sex is like doing drugs. It is naughty, dark, and incredibly exhilarating. I love (and totally get off on) some serious mental sadism. Nothing makes my pussy wet like revenge. There is nothing that I find more satisfying. Revenge is the sweetest treat a person can sample, let alone a little sadist like me. I love manipulating people. I love gaining social status and control by making an emotional example of someone. No one wants to be on my bad side. I am one of those people that you would much rather have on your side than against you. Now, if you try and take that control back, try and make a little hero out of yourself, you will leave with your tail between your legs. I had this ex, who made a very big mistake.

The little bitch left me for this younger, more prude, little virgin. Mistake 1. Then, he told everybody that he regretted fucking me. As in he “repented” and decided to change into a good little purity ring boy again. Big ass mistake #2.  As this branded me as slutty at our conservative, tiny, ass school, the mistake couldn’t go unpunished. I knew that he and his girlfriend had track practice when I had ballet. While they were running outside I found her backpack in the gym with her car keys hanging loosely to it from a carabiner clip.  I skipped out on ballet and grabbed her keys. Then I went and threw them in the river by the school parking lot. No one would ever suspect me of something like that! Then I waited till she got out of practice and went on a frantic search for her keys.

The minute she was alone, I offered her a ride home.

Then, I told her that I just had to swing by my house for a minute on the way home. My laptop sat already set up in the room with the camera on. She always looked like she wanted pussy.  She sat on my bed and we got to talking. We talked about how tiny my ex’s cock was and all the weird shit that he did in bed. She still thought I was cool and felt pressured to say yes to me. I kissed her, and at first, she seemed shocked and upset. Then, after I looked her in the eyes with confidence and an offer she couldn’t turn down, I kissed her again. She didn’t have any protests this time. I reached down and pulled her shirt off and the rest of her clothes with it. I reached down and rubbed her clit.

Then I ate her pussy like my life depended on it. I sucked her clit and fingered her until she was right at the tip of a real orgasm. Now my ex would be able to see what that looked like. She came all over my fingers. Then I told her that I hope she was excited to star in my little sex tape. She looked shocked and I just looked at the camera and laughed. She ran out in tears and I flipped the camera off. God, I love hot revenge sex!

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hot revenge sex