My first lesbian experience goes way back.

I wouldn’t count it as my first lesbian experience fully because we didn’t do all that much for the purpose of being attracted to each other. We were just strange cookies with strange ideas. My best friend/neighbor and I were in peewee gymnastics together before I joined ballet. One day she was over at my house and we were practicing. She told me that when she did the splits, she would feel her pussy brush and press up against the ground. She said that it felt good so she would grind into it! So there we stayed for the rest of the afternoon, grinding our pussies against the floor together.

My second experience was in my friend’s trailer. We had many sleepovers in this trailer, and many of them ended with something sordid. From playing strip poker to licking whipped cream off of each other, things definitely got wild. I kissed at least three of my female best friends by then. One night we had this alcohol-fueled little party. We watched horror movies and all four of us slept in the same bed. The girl who fell asleep first got stripped and covered in whipped cream. This eventually blossomed into us riding each other until my friend’s mom walked in and yelled at all of us.

Then, a bit later I had my first full-fledged lesbian experience.

I started fooling around with this girl in high school. We were both in ballet but never got to know each other because she was two grades lower than I was. We were on a trip to perform, and everyone was playing truth or dare. This, of course, ended in my making out with about 5 more girls. Someone got caught and they separated us by gender on the bus. We thought this was the most hilarious joke because there was only one boy and the girls were mostly just making out with each other. I did end up kissing the boy too, but we will leave that part out for now.

Anyways, one of the girls I ended up making out with sat with me. We discussed how we could totally fuck without our parents finding out. All that we had to do was tell our parents that we were having a sleepover and we could fuck all night without being checked on. How brilliant. When she came to the sleepover, we went straight to bed and turned the lights off. We started to make out and she slid her fingers underneath my panties and into my pussy. At the same time, she rubbed my clit with her thumb. She made me cum so hard, so quickly.

I slid my fingers inside of her and before I knew it she was cumming all over my fingers. How wet and smooth the inside of her was. It made me horny just thinking about it. That’s when I knew that I was into girls as well! We fingered each other in the girls’ bathroom at school for like the next month!

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