A french maid costume is one of the more common sexy outfits.

In the world of roleplay, you can always rely on a french maid costume. I knew that is was going to be my boyfriends birthday, so I got his mom to force him to clean his room. I didn’t want to be walking in on anything he didn’t want me to see. His friends distracted him while I snuck into his room and filled it with balloons. I quickly slipped on the sexy maid costume. His parents were supposed to be gone for the night, as they both worked late.

I sat on his bed and waited for him to come home. As he arrived, I hid in his closet. Once he entered his room, I exited the closet saucily in my maid outfit. Needless to say, he was very surprised. I had a feather duster, heels, and everything. He sat down on his bed while laughing. I stripped off his clothing and began to tie him to the bed with my stockings. Then, I gave him a serious tickling with my feather duster that ended right on his cock and balls.

Then I got down on my knees and began to jerk him off as I sucked on his balls. I licked every inch of his cock and then sucked him until he grew inches away from cumming. Once he was super close, I let off and teased him some more with the feather duster. Then I climbed onto his lap and began grinding my wet pussy up against his cock. I pressed the tip of his cock up against the opening of my tight pussy and slowly eased myself down.

I took it inch by inch making it agonizingly slow for him.

Once I was all the way down on it, I began hopping up and down. I passed the tip of his cock in and out of the opening of my pussy and didn’t go any further down, just hopping up and down over the tip. Once it moisture slipped all over my pussy and the tip of his cock, I slid all the way down and began to bounce at the base. I did not move more than an inch from the base. I then began to grind on his cock as deep as I could put him.

Then I pulled entirely off of his cock and then sat right back down on it. I bounced over the full length of it in a fashion similar to twerking. Once he grew close to cumming, I pulled completely off of him and scooted down until my face remained in front of his cock. I began sucking with maximum zeal. Relaxing my throat, I took every inch in and swallowed his cock. I bobbed up and down quickly as he squirted in my mouth.

When my mouth filled up, I looked up at him and opened my mouth to show him. Then I swallowed all of it while still making eye contact. He definitely liked my french maid costume!

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