I found out the guy that I was fucking had a choking fetish when he wrapped his hands around my throat.

At first, I told him that it was a fetish I would not indulge in with him. Later, when I grew to trust him a bit more, I decided to let him exercise his fetish on me. One night he came over and we smoked a bit of pot and started to make out. We pulled off each other’s clothes. Then he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom, tossing me onto the bed. He climbed over the top of my body and started to nibble all over my skin. He nibbled over my neck, then my tits, then my stomach, and then my pussy lips.

Then he started rubbing my clit. I had heard that people cum extra hard when they were choked. He started to work it in and I began to get wetter and wetter. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my throat. He gave me a questioning look. I reassuringly placed his other hand on my throat. His eyes lit up after that. His hands were so big that just one covered my entire throat and the other lay on my collarbone.

With one hard squeeze, he could have broken my neck. He squeezed gently, but firmly.

Slowly, he made it so that I could no longer draw in another breath. He rubbed my clit and I felt light-headed, drunk almost. Then, the wave of intensity washed over me. My hair follicles prickled and heat blanketed my body at the same time. It felt like lightning hit my clit and traveled all the way up the walls of my pussy, and then my spine. It was one of the most explosive orgasms that I have had. He was all smug about it afterward. Read more of my stuff for a little sex therapy.

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