My insertion fetish is not difficult to satisfy!

I just have to find a big phallus shaped object to fulfill my fetish! One time, when I was in my younger explorative years, my mom bought this eggplant. The shape instantly reminded me of something insertable. My insides clenched at the thought of stretching my pussy to that size! When my mom was gone one day, and I was left home all alone, I did a few shots of their alcohol. This was a fun little ritual I had before delving into my fetish.

They had a stash that they would never assume that I was dipping into. I grabbed that eggplant, washed it, and took it downstairs into my room. I rubbed myself while thinking of the forbidden object penetrating and stretching out my pussy! The graphic image of my pussy stretched over it, passed through my mind. I pressed it right against the opening of my pussy and rubbed my clit until I felt moisture start to pass over the edges of the eggplant.

Twisting it left and right, the object slowly slid inside of me, inch by inch. It was so large that I felt it pressing up against every surface of my pelvis. As I grew wetter, I pushed it further and further back into my pussy. I imagined the graphic image of the fruit stretching the walls of my pussy all the way to the back. Finally, the fruit slid as far back as it would go.

I was so close to cumming already.

Pumping it only a little, I came hard. It is one of the best feelings in the world to cum when your pussy is stretched past the point of convulsion. The muscle was so relaxed, and I got really wet. I pulled it out and washed all of the cum off of it. My mom would have wondered where it went, so I just stuck it back in the fridge. If you like college girls, read some more of my blogs!

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