The hot cheating girlfriend who loves to feed you creampies

The hot cheating girlfriend who loves to feed you creampies is back at it. That’s right, I’ve found a new lover and I love it when he fills my pussy with his hot creamy cum. I met Tommy at the gym. He’s my new trainer, and believe me, he’s been working me out in every possible way. We started out with just innocent flirting. I would catch him checking me out and he noticed the things I would do, like bend over in front of him so he could get a better view.

After a while, we went from simple flirting to lots of touchy-feely action. Tommy would grab my waist to position me for our workout, but he would stand so close behind me that I could feel his big hard cock pressing up against my ass. That’s when he really had my attention. When I felt how big his cock as I was very curious.

Tommy had been training me for a little while and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see if his cock was everything I thought it was and if he knew how to use it. One day after we finished training I asked him to come and help me with the shower. There was nothing wrong with the shower, and by the look on Tommy’s face when I asked him, I could tell that he knew there was nothing wrong. He knew exactly what I was doing and he was all for it. He came back to the shower with me and played along as if he fixing something. As he sat there twisting and turning knobs and trying his best to look like he was actually doing something, I stood behind him undressing.

I reached around him, letting my hard nipples rub against his back, and turned on the shower.

He looked back and saw that I was completely naked. I smiled at him as the water-soaked his clothes, then I started to strip him. He stood tall over me, about 6′ 4″ to my 5′ 5″. He leaned down and kissed me as he pulled his shirt over his head. There we were, naked or horny under the steamy water. I looked down at his huge cock as it poked my belly button, getting harder and harder. Tommy reached down and started stroking his cock as began to get down on his knees. The next thing I knew he had my leg over his shoulder, eating my pussy as he looked up and locked eyes with me, with his cock in his hand.

After he made me cum using only his tongue, he stood up and grabbed me by my waist, pulling me to him, and sliding his big cock in my pussy. He moved his hands to my ass, as he slammed my body against his. Pumping all of his thick meat in my tight little pussy harder and harder. It was the best feeling I had felt in a long time. He had a huge cock and he knew exactly how to please me with it. Tommy loved that I was a hot cheating girlfriend, and I think the fact that he knew I would be going home to my boyfriend soon turned him on even more.

When he exploded inside my pussy it was the biggest, creamiest, messiest load ever, and it felt amazing! Once we finished, Tommy began to shower and asked why I wasn’t joining him.

I told him I was saving his creampie for my hungry boyfriend.

We laughed and made jokes as I got dressed to leave. He snatched my arm pulling over to him so he sucks on my big tits before I put on my bra. I enjoyed the pleasure and honestly wanted more but I was way too anxious to go feed my boyfriend. After I kissed Tommy goodbye, I went home to find my boyfriend sitting on the couch waiting for me. My boyfriend was so happy to see me and to my surprise, he was anxious to taste me. He threw me down on the couch and ripped off my pants. He turned me over on my hands and knees leaning over the couch and went full force with his tongue in my pussy.

The sound of him moaning, enjoying every lick of my pussy drove me insane. I loved the fact that he loved the taste of Tommy’s cum from my pussy. the best part is that he didn’t even know that he was eating my trainer’s cum. After all, that’s the fun part of being a hot cheating girlfriend.

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