Everyone needs a sweet passionate girlfriend to take care of them

Everyone needs a sweet passionate girlfriend to take care of them. That means you too! I am the perfect girlfriend to have on the side. Of course, you love your wife but does she really take care of you? Does she give you body rubs after a long day, or suck the stress away when you’re bothered by work? I’m sure she rarely does anything besides bitch and complain about what you need to do, or what you did wrong. You deserve a sweet passionate girlfriend to really fulfill your needs.

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Do you ever have kinky urges that your wife wouldn’t understand?

You know I understand. I love to explore the wild side and I would love it even more if we did it together. We can do random things like have a picnic and I can feed you my pussy in the park. I can come to your job for lunch, and fuck around in the office. Anything you want is fine by me. The best part about being your girlfriend on the side is that I’m the one who really pleases you. I’m the one who gives you what you want and needs.

My last boyfriend was great! I hated it when he had to relocate for his job. We couldn’t see each other as much. The last encounter we had before he left was definitely one to remember. We went to a nice resort for the weekend and every second of it was amazing. When we arrived we had a wonderful dinner, feeding and teasing each other. Once we made it to the room we were stripping each other before the door even closed. Sweet, sensual kisses, and his big strong hands caressing every inch of my body, I was wet and ready before my panties hit the floor. He picked me up and put me on the dresser and spread my legs nice and wide. It was time for his dessert after such a great dinner.

He ate my pussy as he was starving, and it was the best thing he had ever tasted.

With his tongue swirling around my clit, and sliding up and down my slit, it wasn’t long before I was cumming all over his face. The best part was watching him enjoy it and go back for more. He licked from the tip of my clit to my ass and everything in between, making me cum back to back as I clamped my legs around his head and tried to stop him. There was no way he letting his sweet passionate girlfriend getaway. After a while, he threw me on the bed with my head hanging off the side.

As he stood over me admiring me from head to toe trying to decide what he would do next, I grabbed his cock and slid it in my mouth.

I was laying there upside down on the bed with a mouth full of cock, and he just couldn’t resist leaning over to have another lick of my pussy while he played with my big tits. It wasn’t long before he just dying to slide his cock inside me, and he did just that. He spun me around and climbed between my legs, wrapping them around his waist. Then he gently slid inside me as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

His thrust started slow and gentle, but before I knew it I was clinched the sheets and screaming his name. He went from passionate lovemaking to hardcore fucking, and he knew I loved it. His cock pounding my pussy, the sound of his balls slapping ass as he fucked me harder and harder. Within no time I was squirting all over his cock and I was anxious to feel his warm creamy cum fill my pussy. He could last forever but once he did let it go, it was the best feeling ever. It was like our first time all over again.

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