I pride myself on being the best girlfriend ever; I am attentive, smart and with my dirty mind every single one of your fantasies I can make come true. Especially that cheating impregnation fantasy you’ve been trying to so desperately hide. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me, and with the man that fucked me raw this past weekend. You see, while you were out with friends, I had my own little party. And now is time for you to find out everything that happened.

Remember last Saturday when you called and I missed it. The next morning I ended up telling you that I had fallen asleep early. Well, that was a lie! I couldn’t answer you because I was getting fucked. Look at you, your cock is already tingling as I tell you. YOUR GIRLFRIEND WAS GETTING FUCKED! But I shouldn’t spare you the filthy details of our cheating impregnation fantasy, should I?

That night started by finding the sluttiest outfit. I know how much you like me in that little black dress that just makes me look irresistible. When I walked into the bar I had all eyes on me. The hardest part was choosing who to take home to the bed where we first made love. After flirting and a few drinks I had my eye on the price. When we arrived at my place we went right to business.

There was no need for me to ask for his name because this is when your cheating impregnation fantasy begins.

The stranger was rough, his big hands all over my body felt like yours don’t. He pressed up against me from behind and he was definitely well endowed. Guess what happens next? Think about it. I turned around and got on my knees, I looked up at him and pulled his pants and boxers down. The stranger’s cock was rock hard and ready for my lips. So, of course, I sucked it. I love his cock deep down my throat till it was covered in my slobber and then like the good girl that I am, I begged for him to fuck me. I must admit lover, I don’t think you’ve ever heard me beg for your dick, have you?

Fuck me raw!

I whispered to that sexy stranger. He pulled me up and laid me on my bed, which still smelled like your cologne. He asked if I was sure and then I begged him some more to fuck me without a condom. You love hearing about it, don’t you? You can now picture me getting fucked and is turning you on so much you can’t contain yourself. Well, I guess you can start stroking now! The stranger starting pounding me, hard and fast, and my big tits were bouncing as he did it. My moans must have been heard all the way around the block and yes, I came. I came hard on that stranger’s cock.

And then, I begged for his seed inside me. The stranger was a bit hesitant to do it, but as you know, I am irresistible.

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