The bi-sexual girlfriend who loves to please both of her partners

I’m a bisexual girlfriend who loves to please both of her partners. Most guys would say a bi-sexual girlfriend is a perfect girlfriend. I love to suck cock and I love to lick pussy. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Well, I pride myself on pleasing both of my partners. While my boyfriend loves the way that I please him, so does my girlfriend.

The first time that I told my boyfriend I wanted to have another girl join us in the bedroom, he was mind-blown. At first, he thought I was joking. It’s normal for most girls to be jealous and selfish and not want to spice up things in the bedroom. I’m not that girl. Once he realized I was not joking, he was totally down for some three-way fun with his bi-sexual girlfriend.

My friend Hannah and I had previous pleasures between us so I thought she would be the perfect girlfriend for our trio. I called her to come over and join us for drinks. I had a feeling she already knew what I was up to. She came on over with no problem. We talked, and laughed and enjoyed our drinks and discussed her role in the trio. Hannah was fine with everything and was happy to join.  After all of the sex talk and a few drinks, we were all feeling pretty horny and ready to have some fun. So we went upstairs and got things going.

We started making out and stripping each other, anxious to fuck each other’s brains out.

While my boyfriend Ryan sat back on the bed to watch us play around, Hannah and I made out and fingered each other. I always loved the way her fingers would tease my clit a little before making their way to g-spot. She knew what I liked and I knew what she liked. I let her tease my pussy for a bit while I teased hers. Then pulled away from her, taking my fingers from her pussy and leaned over toward Ryan and slid a finger in his mouth. He licked her juices from my fingers and leaned in to kiss me as he slid his hand to my pussy. I pushed him away had the two of them lie down on their backs next to each other.

I would stroke his cock while I licked her pussy, and alternate, sucking his cock while I played with her pussy. It was the best feeling pleasing both of my partners at the same time. I didn’t stop until I made them both cum. Then I had Hannah get on all four and suck his cock while I licked her pussy. Once she got him nice and hard, I had her lie on her back while I straddled her face so she could lick my clit and Ryan’s balls while he fucked me from behind. Since she and I were in a sixty-nine position anyway, I decided to eat some more pussy, after all, it was right there waiting for me.

Ryan pounded my pussy until I came all over his cock and Hannah’s face.

He always liked to lick me after he made me cum, so that’s exactly what he did. He flipped me over on my back and started licking me. Before I knew it he and Hannah were enjoying my cum together, both of them licking my pussy at the same time. That was one of the best feelings ever! Finally, I slid away and took a moment to let my legs stop quivering. I smiled at Ryan and told him to fuck her like she’s been a bad bad girl. He did exactly as I said. He laid her down and put her legs on his shoulders and he rammed her pussy with his big cock. The sound of his balls slapping against her ass made my pussy even wetter.

We spent the whole night fucking and teasing each other. We took breaks of course in between but we just couldn’t get enough of each other. The best part of it was that this was only our first kinky trio experience. I had already claimed the title of The bi-sexual girlfriend who loves to please her partners, and I was going to hold myself to it. It was everything that I wanted for fun in the bedroom and Ryan and Hannah made it happen.

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