Cheating girlfriend stories: My boyfriend was sleeping while I was getting fucked

My boyfriend planned a date night for us since we hadn’t been out in a while. His new job kept him busy most of the time so he felt bad for not being able to give me the time and attention I needed. He planned everything perfectly from the great movie that he knew I wanted to see, to the best dinner at my favorite restaurant. It was all wonderful but something happened in the midst of our awesome evening. I knew that before the night was over I would have another story to add to my list of cheating girlfriend stories.

When we were seated at the restaurant I couldn’t help but notice the handsome waiter who was serving us. He was tall, dark, and handsome, and from the look in his eye, I could tell he was interested in me as well. He introduced himself as Brandon and all I could think about was wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck, moaning Brandon over and over while he stroked his cock in pussy just the way I liked it.

As time passed, Brandon seemed to be flirting with me as much as he could without my boyfriend catching on.

Of course, I flirted back and waited for the right moment to make a real move. My boyfriend finally stepped away to go to the restroom and that was the perfect opportunity to get personal with Brandon. I grabbed a pen from my purse and wrote my number on a napkin. Brandon, watching me as he walked over to the table smiling at me. He came over and grabbed the napkin, slowly rubbing his hand over mine. As he put it in his pocket, he leaned over and whispered in my ear, I hope you enjoy your dinner as much as I’ll be enjoying you tonight.

I turned my mouth to his ear and gave it a little lick then I whispered, 1:00 am, be ready.

My boyfriend came back and sat down as Brandon walked away to go to another table. He asked if I was enjoying myself, of course, I told him yes. I just didn’t tell him how much I was enjoying what he was so blind to. We finished our dinner and headed home. The entire way he was rubbing my thigh and saying dirty things that he planning to do once we got home. That was music to my ears. I knew that he would pass out right after sex and sleep until morning.

By the time we made it to the bedroom, I had nothing on other than my three-inch heels. He pushed me back on the bed and slid his head between my thighs. It felt so good, him devouring my pussy, but the funny thing was I was imagining Brandon instead. After I came on his face, he fucked me until I came again, and again.

After we finished, just as I expected, he passed out on the bed and didn’t budge after.

I went to check my phone and see if Brandon had called or text yet. Sure enough, he had sent a message asking for my address. I replied to his message with the address and soon after, he said he would see me shortly. When Brandon said that he arrived, I went to the door in a red silk robe and my red heels. I let him in and took his hand, leading him to the guest bedroom. He quietly closed the door behind him and started kissing me.

He put me on all fours on the bed and started licking my pussy and ass.

It felt amazing! But the naughty side was even more turned on. The fact that he was eating my boyfriends’ creampie. The fact that I would let him fill me with his cum and feed it to my boyfriend made it even better. The two of them had a special connection and they didn’t even know it. To me it was hilarious, it was hot, it so dirty and I loved it.

Before morning I had fed creampies to two naughty boys and all they knew was that I tasted delicious. My other cheating girlfriend stories before this were naughty, but this one turns me on like none other.

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