This new guy I’ve been seeing, he’s very generous and quite well off. He’s a lawyer working at his father’s firm. He comes from money and earns plenty of his own. Just my type. I have expensive tastes. He’s a bit submissive and I’ve been able to turn that to my advantage. He really likes blow jobs, what guy doesn’t, right? Well I kind of make him “pay” for them.

CJ 2014

Like the other day, we were at the mall window shopping and I saw this nice tennis bracelet in the jewelry store window and I admired it and said how much I’d enjoy having that and he smiled and agreed it was lovely but a bit pricey. I asked if he’d love a long, wet, sloppy blow job later that night and he turned red and said of course he would. I said if I got the bracelet, he’d get the blowjob. He said that wasn’t really fair and I was acting a bit like a bratty child even talking about such a trade. I said fine, it’s totally up to you and walked towards the food court and got myself a smoothie and sat down. Around five minutes later he sat down beside me and had a small bag in his hand from the store. I might be spoiled, but I also knew how to get what I wanted.

Later that night we were at home and I was on my knees in front of him cupping his balls in my hand and I was wearing nothing but the bracelet and he could see it sparkle as it caught the light and I moved my wet lips up and down his cock. I sucked him off for around thirty minutes before I swallowed every drop of his cum. I was showing the bracelet off to a few of my friends and laughing when I told them what I’d told him the bracelet was going to cost him. One of my friends called me a bratty little tart as she laughed at my methods of getting what I wanted. I told them to wait and see, next week I was going to get the matching earrings that went with it and were three times the price of the bracelet.

Being spoiled makes you creative, how to get what you want. I knew the one thing my boyfriend had been wanting that I’d said no to until now and I knew what it was going to cost him to get it. He’d wanted to fuck my ass and I’d put him off. I casually asked him if he was still interested in my ass. His jaw dropped, literally dropped and he asked what had caused me to ask this. I smiled sweetly and said you know that bracelet you were nice enough to get me? He said how could he forget. I said well, the matching earrings would look really good with the bracelet. If you got the earrings for me, you could have my ass. You spoiled, greedy girl he replied and then walked out.

I thought maybe I’d gone to far, but that night he came home and had another little bag with him. I grinned from ear to ear and said I guess this means you get my ass tonight, eh? I put on the earrings and had nothing but them and the bracelet on and got on all fours on the bed and he slid his well lubed up cock into me and I rubbed my clit as he grabbed me by the hips and shoved that dick in all the way up to the balls. He thrust and thrust and I know he wanted to make it last after what he’d “paid” for the privilege. He soon came in my ass and said the earrings looked lovely on me.

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