Do you desire to go out and about after you play dress up?

What extreme do you take your x-dressing? Is it just the panties or do you go all the way to the beautiful evening dress, make-up, and the heels?

What color is your favorite wig? I bet you’re pretty in each and all the colors.

The feeling of the silk and the softness of a pair of stockings excites you.  It makes a bulge in your panties.

I want to watch you slip into a sexy black dress. The wonderful feeling of the dress fitting tightly to your curves.  It’s very short, short enough to show the top of your stockings, which are hooked to a black lacy garter belt.

Next in line is your bra and panties are a beautiful burnt orange color.  They are made of silk with pretty lace trim.  It’s time to fill the water balloons. What size do you want to be?

The make-up is the next event.  The pretty make-up we play with and make you look like a little slut.  The smokey eye shadow and the heavy black eyeliner with lots of jet black mascara and we can’t forget the lipstick.  There is nothing more girly than putting on lipstick, how about a nice dark, dark, dark red color.

And look how you fill out the little black dress.  No one would ever know what’s under that dress.

Where are we going to go all dressed up?  Let’s find a Halloween party or go to your local bar and see if anyone recognizes you in all your splendor.

And I want to watch you be a slut with all the men.  You’ll have the boys lined up, waiting to have their way with you.  Also, I want to watch you wrap your lips around the head of a cock and suck while you take another cock up your tight little pussy hole.  Then cum in your hand and lick and lap all the cum into your mouth and swallow.

What a good little slut in the pretty little black Dress!

Best Phone Sex!