Last Friday, my boyfriend and I decided to get a little freaky.  We had been feeling horny all week, stressed out from work, and too busy to take care of each other.  I had the genius idea of going to get a new toy, which my boyfriend is always down for.  He’s the kind of boyfriend that likes to let me fuck him.  He’s a good boy.  Anyways, so there is this toy store just a few blocks from us.  It was late when we finally had the free time to go. But we knew it was one of those twenty-four-hour places.

When we got to the store, there were a few people there.  Another couple like us, a few girls, and a healthy amount of guys walking around.  We shopped for a bit before I found what I was looking for.  On the back wall, near the massive dildos was a little cardboard sign that read, “ Gloryhole open ”.  My heart stopped a little bit when I saw it.  My boyfriend had hinted at the idea once, while we were a little drunk, but an opportunity hadn’t presented itself.  As he walked up to me, his eyes perusing the wall of dildos, I nudged him with my elbow.  As he turned to look at me, I pointed to the sign.

His eyes lit up instantly.  He shot me a quick excited, yet unsure glance that was easy to read.  The one that meant, “are you sure you want to do this, cause I certainly do”.  That’s when I grabbed him by the hand and followed the sign down the back hallway.  It leads to the only bathroom in the back of the store.  The lighting sucked, but it was surprisingly pretty clean, which made us both laugh a little as we crammed into the first stall we came to.  The bathroom was big, maybe eight stalls in total.

We could hear moaning and subtle sucking sounds coming from a few stalls away.  The whole room was making us both horny.  I could already see my boyfriend’s erection growing in his pants.  We didn’t have to wait long, this guy must have been watching, waiting for someone to go into the bathroom.

We heard footsteps outside of our stall, and the door opened to the next stall over.  So we waited, our hearts pounding in our chests.  Then to our delight, a thick, soft, black cock came poking through the hole in our stall.  We didn’t know who should go first, but my boyfriend quickly took the lead.  He crawled over on his knees, wetting his fingers and hand with his tongue, then wrapped his warm, wet hand around the mysterious cock.  We could hear a loud moan coming over the top of the wall.  Even soft, the cock was thick and massive.  Its girth grew as it got harder.  It didn’t take long before my boyfriend was sliding it into his mouth, moaning himself, as he wrapped his wet lips around the shaft of the stranger’s hard-on.

It made me so wet watching him!  But, I couldn’t let him have all the fun.  We ended up taking turns on the cock, one-upping each other every time we switched off.  When I would swallow more of it, he’d deep throat farther. When I couldn’t beat him, I slipped my panties off and let the mystery cock fuck me.  My boyfriend, not wanting to be outdone, eventually let the stranger fuck his tight little ass.  The stranger seemed to like that the best.  His tight fuck hole had to have been squeezing that huge cock.

In the end, my boyfriend let him cum in his mouth.  The wall was shaking as our new friend cried out in ecstasy.  He fought me off for the money shot, though he was nice enough to let me taste it dripping from his mouth.  It was the hottest, dirtiest thing we’ve ever done, and we’re already planning on going back next week.  Would you like to hear more about our dirty, fun experiences?  Give me a call, it turns me on so much to share some of the naughty things we have done!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke