Cuckold BBC, just what she needs

Your boss Allen is a large black man. You know how much your cheating wife needs to be satisfied and you know that you can’t do it. Allen will be the perfect BBC cuckold. He’s huge and you’ve seen him in the locker room at the gym. You know she needs that big black cock. You’ve seen her staring at him at company parties.

You invite him over for wine and you tell me the plan. I’m so eager to have Allen inside me that I can hardly stand it. I know he watches me at parties and we’ve been flirting for years. I want him so bad. Can’t wait for you to see how that BBC satisfies my needs. How he stretches my little wet pink pussy. I’m practically dripping just thinking about it.

We are two bottles in and we decide it’s time for me to turn on the charm. You leave the room to get more wine and I quickly stand up and sit closer to him. My tight black dress showing my little g-string and my hard nipples. He’s staring, his mouth basically dropped open touching the floor. I brush his arm with my tits as I turn towards him. I emphasize crossing my legs and my dress slips up my hips. Then I give him a shy smile and lean toward him placing my hand on his thigh. He inhales sharply. “Kate what are you doing? Your husband is right in the other room.” I giggle “Oh Allen, I know babe, we both want this. We both want you to have me. Satisfy me.”

Suddenly he grabs me and pulls me into his lap.

I press my body tight against him and push my lips into his. My lips part and I slide my tongue across his lips. You come back into the room to see me straddling him. I’m grinding my hips into him, kissing him passionately. His hands are all over me and his huge cock is pressed against my tight wet pussy. I pull away, “Hey babe, I think he’s on board.” I wink at you and kiss him more. “Let’s move to the bedroom babe.”

We all three get up, I slide my dress off so I’m only in my g-string and stiletto heels. I climb into bed and you settle into the chair in the corner. Things are about to get very very messy! Stay tuned.

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