Cheating Wife – My Naughty Fantasy

I love role play phone sex. It is the most amazing way to live out fantasies that I couldn’t get in real life; and even though I’m not married, I have a fantasy of being someone’s cheating wife. I love the rush it gives me of being such a naughty, dirty, little slut. That mixed with the thrill of getting caught always gets me wet & needing some cock.

Sometimes, when I’m alone and start to get turned on. My mind wanders to this kinky role play that I’ve always wanted to live out. So I grab my dildo, lay back, close my eyes, and let my mind wander. I start to rub the outside of my pussy. I let my fingers get nice and wet from the juices that start to flow out of me and run it up and down my clit. As my clit start to swell with my gentle teasing. I think of how hot and sexy it would be to have a husband just outside my door while another man has his face buried into my tasty little cunt. I’d make a great cheating wife!  Wonder if my husband will learn to be a cuckold.

He runs his tongue up and down my pussy, making me dripping wet and desperate for more.

I start to moan and cry out and he reaches up and covers my mouth his hand while he continues to lick me up and down. He says we must be quiet if we don’t want to get caught.

I can feel myself getting close to orgasm. I grab him by a fist full of his hair and pull his head away from me. He stands in front of me and pulls his pants down, exposing his long hard dick in front of me. I move to the edge of the bed and he grabs the back of my head and shoves his cock into my mouth. I sit there, dripping wet, eyes watering, and drool running down onto my tits while he fucks my mouth.

Then he puts his hands on my shoulders and shoves me back. I spread my legs needing to feel his huge cock fill me up. I check the door, making sure my husband doesn’t come in the room and catch his sweet wife being the cheating little whore she really wants to be. Then he takes my legs and puts them over his shoulders and pulls me by my hips so that he can slam his throbbing cock into my tight pussy.

He pounds me so hard, while my tits bounce up and down in rhythm.

I lick two fingers on both hands and take one and start to roll my nipple between my fingers, pinching and squeezing and feeling the stretch between them. I take the other two and rub them back and forth on my clit while he rams his cock deep inside me.

When he tells me he is about to cum I can feel him try to pull out of me. I yell for him not to stop. I want to feel him fill me up as I cum onto his cock. He can’t resist and I feel his warm cum start to drip down onto my ass and my pussy twitches and tightens around him as I cum. I cum so hard on his cock.

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