This little story happened in high school.. I was a junior, so I was still getting to slack off a little and get in all kinds of trouble without it actually affecting me. That’s why, around this time, I started getting a little bit more naughty with my boyfriend.. And when I say naughty, I mean I was doing everything in my power to distract him – at all times.

We even had a little bet one time, he was always talking to his friends in class and not actually doing his work. So, trying to “inspire” him to do better, I bet that he couldn’t get through his homework in study hall. He’d be too distracted talking. And to my surprise, the little fuck was actually doing it! I really didn’t want to hear him bragging about how he proved me wrong, so I played dirty. I loved taking naughty I sent him one just to see if it would be enough to distract him. And oh, it was. Once his curiosity got the best of him and he looked at his phone, he couldn’t stop looking at it for the rest of the class. And I won that bet. 🙂 He was joking for hours that I played dirty..but I don’t think he minded. Do you?

Either way, the mistake was done! He kept looking at it..over and over again, through that class and the next. And he had to stay late to do some weightlifting practice after that, and I knew he was going to have a bit of a problem..Those basketball shorts were going to give away the growing boner in his pants. And I wanted be to be a good girlfriend 😉 I wanted to give him something that he’d always remember. So when the bells rang and everyone rushed away, I basically dragged him to the locker room.. He was going there anyway! Plus, our school was a little cheap and saved everyone the awkward locker room showers, so they used the area as storage. I dragged him in there behind the wall and almost tore his shirt off, immediately kissing my way down.. and one by one, our clothes just fell off. We were hiding behind one of the walls that divided the showers from the locker room, so no one found us.. But I think they did hear us. I couldn’t help but make him moan a few times.. Just to get his friends to hear.  I’d played, the least I could do was give him bragging rights. 😉

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