Today’s Free Sex Story Takes Us to the Grocery Store.

What the heck, free sex story… store?  You may think the grocery store to be a pretty bland place where we go to buy this necessary thing called food.  Back in my college days,  I went home to visit my family.  The days were hot and muggy, just the perfect day to laze about or hang out by the pool in my bikini.  The long lazy summer days promised to be a time of relaxation.  Never in my wildest dreams, I’d have so much fun!

One day my mom asked me to go to the store to get some ingredients for dinner.  I was too lazy to completely change.  Hastily, I threw on a tank top over my dry bikini and shorts.  I pulled my damp hair back in a ponytail.  While in the store, I went from aisle to aisle and gathered the things I needed.  I kept running into this hot guy every few aisles.  I was wondering if he was checking me out.  He was athletically built and had black hair, and grey eyes.  A secret part of me wondered if that athletic body housed an equipped muscular cock?  I shook my head to clear my thoughts.

I was looking at my phone at my list while pushing my cart.

My cart bumped into his cart.  That was so embarrassing.  He didn’t seem to mind a bit.  We started talking and laughing as we made small introductions.  While we were talking I knew then he was definitely checking me out.  The feeling was mutual.  I was not about to let my chance slip away.  Making a bold move, I leaned close and proposed a small casual hook-up.  Smiling, I nipped his ear playfully with my teeth.  He drew in a quick breath.  When I looked down, I could see his pants rise up.

Our free sex story takes us to my car.  The groceries could wait.  The parking lot was fairly empty.  We kissed by the car.  He pushed his body against mine. His hands traveled across my chest to my breasts.  It was my turn to draw in a breath as his fingers caressed my hardening nipples.  I leaned against the car as he knelt down and put his face in my pussy.  His tongue slid across my wet pussy.  Oh he knew all the right places to lick me and make me cum.  We got into my car and went to the back seat.  I took his cock out of his pants and started to play with his shaft stroking up and down with my playful hands.

He tilted his head back making his pleasure known.

I was ready to fuck him now and ride his cock.  The thought of his cock deep inside of me made my panties wet.  I never knew such a vanilla trip to the store would turn into something not so plain.  Let’s play out our tasty fantasies together.  Call me soon and I’ll share more of this free sex story with you.

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