Free sex story bc of Brett and a Flash Sale.

Lord a new Free sex story, I should never have come up with that idea and told my PSK girlfriend Brett. AIM is a chat app that we use to use to get to know clients and even have sexting on. But sadly it is closing on Dec. 15th 2017th. So I came up with the idea one night a few weeks ago to have a “Flash Sale”. A sale just like they do at the malls, especially during Christmas shopping season. Well, I messaged Brett to get her opinion before posting it. And I got way more then I bargained for.

Bend Brett over? LOL, Lord, that is probably the only way to keep her under control. LOL but then where’s the fun of being in control. We had both been drinking and we were both out with our guy… LOL, just states away.

Anyway, she came up with the idea of door prizes. Of course the first being a handjob for the first client to call me… LOL, then after some teasing, she DARED me. She dared me to give my date David a hand job right at the table at the bar to completion. LOL well, of course, the games were on because I dared her back.

Trust me. I can resist few challenges

and this one was NOT one I wanted to. It sounded fun IF I could get David to play along.

Of course being two slightly competitive extremely naughty ladies we needed to know how won? So we came up with the idea of pictures texted as proof.

Dang, it Brett won 1st, the hand job challenge mostly because I was having trouble taking the picture. I loved the chill that ran from my nipples to my clit when I saw that picture. Her delicate feminine hand covered with a strange man’s cum made my pussy instantly inflate. I was turned on enough from giving David the hand job. Seriously I orgasmed, before David!!!

It took me half an hour to calm down and come up with an idea for the challenge to her. Well, that was just the beginning of a night full of naughtiness that had me sore for days afterwards. We had so much fun and orgasms that night but it kind of blurs into. I do have one regret of that night. The states between us two couples.

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