Young sex stories Lessons in Lust

Young sex stories are some hot phonesex. I adore helping people cum. I really do. LOL, I even love creating orgasms when the person is NOT ready for them. OR expect them. Like using my phone controlled sex toys to randomly cause a vibrator to burst into life. LOL, I have a whole range from bullets for clits to insertable vibrating dildos that rotate and pulse. I must say when training a new young thing it is one of my favorite tricks.

David is my Lord of Lust. He has rules for us, me, and anyone else that joins us. One is that he insists that any female that joins us or that HE interacts with be 18 years old. Well, I have not always followed that rule … LOL, HE thinks they have all been 18 when we started… Not all have been. But I never lied about the ones that were virgins, even if their hymen was not intact. But I will say nothing is as sweet as licking the hymen as I guide his cock into a virgin pussy.

I volunteer to teach young girls and boy the things that babysitters need to know. All appropriate for each age like basic things; how to take a temperature, run a bath, give a bath, prep food, etc….

Young sex stories I will not accept anyone younger than 12 yrs old.

And I mentor them as long as they feel the need. I have been doing this for about 10 years now. And I stay in touch, mentor, and advice everyone that has ever come to me. I’m a sympathetic adult that “understands”. I will even talk to their parents to get them out of trouble or lie to protect them. I earn their trust quickly. NEVER will I betray them.

So when they get to be in their teens or twenties and have issues they come to ME. And teach my version of Sex Ed to them. About masturbation, sex, safe sex, how to orgasm and create orgasms in others. BUT a very select few get introduced to Lessons in Lust. If they are receptive then I introduce them to David. If David accepts one of the young ladies then we begin training her in all the ways of being a courtesan.

Always sensitive to the vibe David is actually the one that takes over at this point. At least on how fast we move. He decides when to invite a young woman to hang out at my apartment. When to have sex in the same room she is in, because we are so overcome with passion LOL. I confess even when having sex while on the phone with a client.

Yes, OK sometimes when I am “Faking” a blowjob or sucking a “dildo” I’m actually sucking David’s cock.

And even though the phone sex client NEVER knows it.

David has even fucked my pussy while I was on the phone while having sex with a phonesex client. That usually gets the new girl so aroused that she asks to be taught. To be given Lessons of Lust and promises to be an obedient sexual servant to David and I. In her lessons we make new Young sex stories every few days. I love when we fuck and I make her get close so she will see, smell, and taste as we enjoy ourselves.

Until then she learns every way possible to capture, to control, to pleasure, then to satisfy a man’s mind. We teach her all the ways of pleasuring a woman. But more than any of that we teach her how to find pleasure in everything that she will allow done to her body. How to have a hard limit, soft limits. ALWAYS how to be sexually free within boundaries she makes.

Young sex stories … oh, I have them. Ones with Creampie, Impregnation, Cum Sluts, 3somes, moresomes, fetish fun Oh the list goes on and on…

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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