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One of my favorite detailed sex stories is from David and all about how Passion can turn into ROUGH SEX… In the dark morning, in the bedroom, wrapped in the warmth of your covers I feel your skin against mine. I start kissing your shoulder and neck softly, as I run my hands up and down your legs, gripping you. I pull you on top of me.

Looking into your eyes, I kiss your lips deeply. Fingers digging into your shoulders as my tongue slides into your mouth I taste your lips. My cock throbs, teasingly against your juicy pussy. My hands slide down and spank your naughty ass.  Lifting you up I lick your nipples. “mmmm… yes, honey, you taste good”. My dick is rock hard as you start to straddle my hips. Once on top, I line up my cock and thrust into your hot pussy. “mmmm… I feel how wet you always are, that is one advantage of having a phone sex operator as a lover. You are always ready ”.

My cock stretches your pussy lips. I feel your cunt walls clench and squeeze on my girth. My cock throbs. Then I groan. “Ahhh…” I love the feel of your pussy juice running down my shaft on to my balls. I buck you up and down on my cock pumping your tight pussy. “Fuck!! Yes Dawn”. I love your big tits in my face as your nails scratch my shoulders. I spank your ass for being such a hot fucking MILF with such a wet tight hungry pussy.

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Laying you back on the bed, putting your legs on my shoulders, you feel and see my cock sliding in. In long deep strokes my balls hitting your wet lips. I smile as I kiss your forehead then kiss your lips as I take your breath. My cock plunge’s into your wet hole my hands rubbing your breasts tweaking your nipples.

Kissing my way down I kiss your nipples then your belly as my hands run up & down your soft skin. Licking your juicy snatch I say “mmm…I love your juices on my tongue”.  Swirling it over your clit lapping it up like peach juice

“Mmmm… yes, babe, I missed your pussy.

You’ve been bad and need a good fucking so it is time to bend you over. Fuck you proper”.

Putting you over the edge of the bed I tie your hands and then blindfold you. Then laying you on the pillows with your ass in the air, like the bad girl you are. I hold your ass cheeks open. Take a lick of the juices leaking from your pussy. I put the tip of my cock to the opening of your cunt. And in I slide in one long deep stroke. I start pounding your pussy as I feel you cumming. “I didn’t say you could cum on my cock yet”. As I spank you thrusting in deep feeling your wet cum running down my leg as I hear you moan, pounding you deeper.

“Mmmm yeesss…. Dawn, you’re  a hot honey. I love making you cum all over me, till I’m sticky with your cum. That’s it, cum honey, cum all over me… Ahhhh yes. I’m going to blow this load of cum in you. Just unload my balls in you. Ahhh.. Fill you full of my hot load of thick cum. I bet you want a girlfriend to lick your pussy clean, or to lick it out of your best friends tight box. But this one is for you…Mmm Ahhh!!!! Dawn yes

 Ahhhh I’m pumping you full of my cum.

Yes ahhhh… I love how you smile with my load in you. Ahh…”. kisses have a great Day xoxoxo


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