Rough sex ~ Rape?

LOL, I have a Sex Addiction…I looked around; the entire crowd is enjoying the show. And spot him suddenly I am thinking rough sex. How it would feel if you raped me.  I can picture it as I push back, into the shadows of a corner and press my lips together hard. I am thinking of my hand starting to work on your cock. Of a hard kiss who needs words? Your hands reaching for my ample breast and squeezing, manipulating me into a frenzy. We are clouded by the shadows, but not hidden completely.

I know we can be seen by your friends, and our breath certainly heard by some of the closer patrons, I don’t care. This is what I want. Slowly, your hand starts to pull my skirt up. I try to keep you from doing so. But you are too big, too strong for. You press into me pinning me against the wall with your body weight, but not crushing. I don’t want to be hurt. Your cock presses against my thigh, now naked and exposed to you. You take my hand in yours, somewhat roughly and move it to my zipper. I must take it down, and unsheathe your “weapon”.

Your cock springs free

Vigorously it pops out eagerly to meet my palm. You move one hand to my pussy. What I’ve wanted all night. You feel my dampness, my readiness for you. Pulling my panties aside, you move Your cock into position. A quick, hard fuck to relieve the pressure and you are going to hurt me if I resist.

You push into my sweet pussy accepting all of your cock. It is sliding in as some of your friends watch, your cock enters, forcefully and willfully. Your cock pounding, pulsing, growing huge within me setting a passionate rhythm of lust in my pussy, you fuck me.

Your cock is like a piston, deep and hard, quietly somehow, so as not to attract too much attention. You like that they see me, watching me be fucked like a little bitch for the night. I am force onward.  I WILL take all of your cock and cum. As you cum deep in my body I realize I never uttered the word no, though I never gave consent.

You pull out, I feel like slumping in exhaustion, you look at me, sweaty and tired, smiling and satisfied. It is now that you finally speak. All you say is “Thanks” as you tuck your massive cock in and zip up. I realise i might be pregnant now. You want me to remember you… and I will if only in my dreams. Maybe these fantasies are why I love accomplice phonesex so much… LOL and blackmail sex stories

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