Hot sex secret Phone Sex confession

One of the first things people say when they find out I am a phone sex operator is you must have Hot sex. They ask do I get turned on? The answer is yes. Another is do you really do what you are saying you are? The answer is NOT always.

Please understand I never fake an orgasm and I am always wearing exactly what I say I am… But here is the confession time. Occasionally I am having sex while on the phone. Really Hot sex. Sporadically one of my girlfriends will be playing with my body. Or she will be eating my pussy when you think I am pleasuring myself.

And sometimes when I am on a pleasure call I am not fucking myself with a dildo. A few times he has even fucked me making me cum a couple times till I squirted. LOL most frequently I am not sucking a dildo, I am giving David a BJ. I keep trying to get him to shoot his cum in my mouth while you listen. The stupid man has too much control dang it… LOL, but it’s fun to keep trying.

You have to understand I work from my home. I am at my sexual PEAK. My job has me thinking sex, sensual, and cumming all the time. I made a stupid promise NOT to masturbate and cum without a client. At least while logged in. And I stay logged in from the time I first wake up close to Dawn through almost all the daylight hours because I love my job. I do this almost every day, even my scheduled days off. So my girlfriends come over to hang out at my place.

We run around mostly nude for easy access.

Plus David and I live together so he is here a lot of the time. And those monsters love to make sure that I am ALWAYS horny. They swear they are helping me keep my promise. IT IS WORSE THEN TORTURE at times, I swear it.

God, I hope none of them ever change. Anyway, I have my work computer {and my adult toy box} set up in my bedroom. So I just go to my room when I need privacy with a caller. Usually, LOL, though it is not unusual for me to play in the living room if I am alone. LOL though I do love to get on a call where I am giving loads of details and make sure David can hear me. Lol, I love turning you both on at the same time.

There is a such a delicious naughtiness to walking, wibble~wobbleing, but I don’t ever fall and break the rule… The rule that says each client/call must stay completely private. Though Great god’s that last time when David walked into the bedroom to grab something and heard me say

“Oh yes Please fuck me doggy style” He took that as an invitation. AND he did. Ok, remember that I am always horny and physically ready. But I was just laying on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. I was only wearing one of my over-sized men’s button-up shirt. I had just put one knee on the bed when he grabbed my waist. And one sold thrust buried his cock balls deep.

 Oh god, I started cumming instantly.

I truly came for like 5 minutes straight. I did not keep my head at all. LOL Lucky I had a hand free or I would have dropped the phone. Thank was some seriously Hot sex for me. And my client never realized he was getting a sneak peek into MY very personal life. LOL, it is just so deliciously naughty… It’s kind of like forced voyeur~ism. A unique kind of exhibition.

If my bosses ever catch me I will just point out that no one hears my client… only my side. Unless they pay extra my callers never hear anyone that is with me. It’s phone sex operator’s sex games for phone… LOL, Ok and my kinky friends like to play them with me.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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