Cuckold revenge is sweet

What do you do when you cannot divorce the guy you married because of religious convictions that could lose you tons of money…? You Cuckold him of course. A friend of mine name Felicia has wealthy parents and husband THEY adore. He cheats on her and is subtly degrading all the time. Their religion says that she cannot divorce him. And KNOW if she did she would get cut off. SO… instead, she fucks me and David for the 5 days. LOL, he has no idea that she is deliberately preventing pregnancy with him.

Or for that matter, he doesn’t know that when he goes to his lover’s apartment in the city. That she climbs into my bed and cuckolds him with us. She is the only one that I let David cum in so much.

But she is such a sweet fuck. I love how her pussy clings to David’s cock when he pulls out. And even though she will be slick with cum his cock looks like he will push her inside out. He says that her pussy is almost as tight as mine.  God knows I love the taste of her cum and his when I clean Felicia up afterward. LOL, ALL the cum goes in my tummy. He only leaves it with others for a little while. I think he just likes to watch me eat other girls out.  He is so mean to make me work so hard for his cum.

LOL, next week he says the first day he is going to Have Felicia run a camera and film us. That he wants me to see what I look like when we make love. LOL, I cannot wait LOL but dang it I have too… but she does not get to eat his cum from me. I am too greedy for that.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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