Stories about sex intensify desires?

OK who else has played drinking games? Do you do it where you have family sex stories? I do BUT I am smart enough to NEVER place bets or agree to pay forfeits with certain people. Like the males in MY family and their friends, adopted family. Unless I am positive I’ll win anyway LOL. My ancestry is Native American and Celtic {Scottish}. We tend to have a lot of fun because we are so imaginative. And because we are adventurous so we will do most anything at least once. We also tend to divide by lines that are unique to the mood of the moment. Funny Stories about sex in my family tend to end with … “You know better you don’t play drinking games with those women”. Whether we are by blood or married into the family, we ladies must be strong, opinionated and forceful. We must survive those boys in adult bodies.

I love to open people to new sexual pleasures

When we are together we are unstoppable. We ladies support each other and when our men get together and drink… well, occasionally we try to teach them not to be so dumb. And sex or sexual acts can be great teaching techniques. Here is my favorite part… I am the most sexually open lady of us.

After all, I am a live phone sex operator. I am the one that knows men so well and I know what feels great to EVERY man. And I know what MOST men are afraid to like or try.  Especially men in my family so I use my knowledge to force their minds even more open while having fun. Family gatherings always involve a night of drinking. After hearing my cousin that had just returned from Scotland telling about a story he had heard from a nurse. About a guy sticking a toy rubber snake up his butt and going to ER. Which reminded me of a video I had seen {if you want to watch it click here}

I decided it was time to open more than their minds.  I waited until the guys were in that perfect state for mischief and got my girls on board. They started a game of songs after they all agreed to let me choose the forfeit before it started.

I wrote finger in the butt until they came 3 times.

Of course, the ladies won. And since ALL are honorable men LOL before the weekend was over every one of the ladies made sure we knew that the forfeit had been paid. LOL, privately they shared how amazed they were that the guys enjoyed it so much. I was not surprised at all.

I know why guys will not try anal play on their own. Because the stigmatism of “you must be gay if you like it”. That even modern enlightenment and sexual acceptance have not changed. But the fact is that at one point it was deviant behavior for men to jerk off. And worse, in my opinion, was when women were succubus or Satan if they enjoyed sex.

Thank GOD that now women are more sexually free then guys. Overall women are more courageous than men sexually. We learn to enjoy every inch of our bodies. Inside and out of every orifice we have.

Most people reject attempting sexual acts or experiences because of society’s preconceptions. Forbidding what feels good because their culture is too rigidly absolute. Stories about sex should encourage you to include ANYTHING that helps you sexually enjoy every part of your body. So if you are curious or just flat crave it… DO IT!!!

Put a finger up your butt!!

It allows direct prostate stimulation. It can make a man cum without every getting hard. Milking the can make a man cum OVER and OVER. It always makes a man cum more intensely. And if you are careful, take your time, and use lube then it does not hurt at ALL. So put a finger in your butt….

Trust me. Just read my Stories about sex. I love to cum no matter if by phone controlled sex toys or anal games. I orgasm from a cock fucking me in my ass. When the cock is bumping my internal clit and a cock is much bigger than a finger. I am proud that I accept myself and bodies desires. It allows me to enjoy my body. Its funny that over half my family, these big redneck country boys NOW like to have their butt fingered. To “manly” before but now thanks to losing a drinking game they like anal games.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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