Short sex stories with my son?

I am a MILF phone sex operator partly because I have a lot of Short sex stories with my son and his friends. And they started with a kind of accident. You see Incest has always been part of my life from very young. But I had no real thoughts of having rough sex with my son. Well, that changed in a single morning. Like normal, I was in only my big baggy T-shirt when… I went to wake my son Mitchell for school. Like usual he had slept through his alarm and me knocking. So I went into his room.

Mitchell was nude, lying on his back with his sheet covering one leg and his balls and part of his cock. But his cock head was uncovered and he was hard. More his cock was leaking precum; it had made a small pool on his belly. I swear there was no real thought to DO anything. There I stood next to his bed and bent over at the waist. I was mesmerized.

The next thing I knew I lifting my finger to my mouth where I had dipped it in the pool. Mitchell’s pre-cum tasted so yummy. So I leaned down still not thinking and licked the pool up. I noticed yet another bead of precum starting to emerge so I took his cock head very gently in my mouth. Suddenly his cock slammed into my mouth. Mitchell had grabbed my head and shoved me down onto his cock as he thrust upwards.

My son started fucking my face.

I grabbed the bed. Opening my mouth to pull off his cock when he managed to force his cock into my throat. I was shocked but so aroused, when Mitchell started cumming straight down my throat. He never stopped pumping or lost any hardness. He fucked my face and came again in just moments. Though this time, I managed to pull off enough to savor the taste of his cum on my tongue. Only then did Mitchell let go of my head.

I stumbled back in shock. I went into his bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror. What had I done? What had Mitchell done? I still was not thinking really when Mitchell came up behind me and hugged my body close.

 And started to apologize,

I went into Momma mode and started trying to reassure him by leaning back into him. Reassuring him I was not mad that I still loved him. Things might have turned out differently but he had NOT taken time to cover up. As it was his mostly hard cock head was brushing against my wet swollen pussy from behind.

I groaned as I felt him getting harder. He did this little thrust forward and his cock head entered my pussy. That is when my son pushed my head down, pulled my hips back, and fucked me.

Good lord, he fucked my pussy hard and fast.

I was cumming all over his cock in seconds, over and over I orgasmed. Even when he came buried deep in my fertile cunt I was still cumming. In less than 20 minutes my son put his cum in my belly 3 times.

LOL, That is one advantage of young. They can go over and over with little rest.  That was the start of my sexual adventures with my son and my true mommy phone sex stories… but then I have a lot more Short sex stories with him… and his friends.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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