A Therapeutic Massage Becomes One Girl’s Forced Sex Nightmare!

When you go for a massage you never dream it will turn into a forced sex session!  You go with the intent to receive some needed muscular therapy, deep tissue, or relaxing Swedish massage.  My friend Molly had started going to a therapist for a professional massage.  She had established rapport with this therapist and trusted him implicitly.  Molly had been going a few months before she started noticing a change.  That’s what makes this story so surprising.

It was little things at first, a gentle caress along her legs, massaging beyond the sheet’s border.  You see when you go for a massage the therapist drapes a sheet on areas that are not being worked to provide the client warmth and modesty.  It is understood that the therapist does not breach unethical areas of a client’s body.  Molly was too nice to protest and as she knew him she didn’t want to accuse him of anything she wasn’t certain about.

One day during her massage, he was mid-way through the massage and he took out a handheld massager.

This was different, but Molly liked the vibration along her tense muscles.  He ran the device down Molly’s legs up to her ass.  Her pussy was tingling.  Was this supposed to happen?  She was becoming very wet.  When he turned her over, he pulled the sheet aside and started licking her pussy softly with his tongue. Molly felt so turned on and couldn’t fight him any longer.  She felt more turned on than she had ever been.

Molly’s body screamed as he lashed his tongue expertly across her clit and around her wet hole.  Molly climaxed so hard she bit back trying not to scream out.  As she was settling down he pulled down his pants and knelt above her face and told Molly to open her mouth.  Molly opened her mouth to scream and was fed a hard massive dick.  Molly couldn’t breath as she fought for control struggling to no avail.  She never felt so violated.  His cock thrust down her throat making her gag and spit up.  Her eyes watered as he withdrew his cock.

Molly was happy to have air again.

The therapist roughly spread her legs as he mounted her and thrust his long shaft deep into her pussy.  Molly never dreamed a professional therapeutic session would turn into a forced sex service.  He knew exactly what he was doing.  She opened her mouth to scream and he put a hand over her mouth and told her to comply or he would make things very difficult.  After all he had done a lot for her and she obviously wanted this as her pussy was wet right?  Other unspeakable things were forced upon Molly that afternoon.  Call me and we can talk about it together.

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