From My Book of Hot Sex Stories: This Will Make You Want A Pretty Pair of Feet in Your Lap Right Now!

Do you love hot sex stories about pretty feet?  Do you love drooling over foot fetish stories?  Then stay right where you are.  I had this friend named Joey.  I had no idea that he had a foot fetish.  Many times, I would catch him out of the corner of my eye looking down at a pretty girl’s shoes.  He knew more about shoes and feet than I did.  It was like his muse.  I’ve learned at phone sex kingdom to be open to all kinds of kinks.

One day my friend Joey came over for lunch.  We both agreed to meet back at my place for lunch.  The whole day was so hot.  The humid sticky heat put me in a bad temper while I ran to get last-minute errands accomplished before he showed up so that I could have the whole afternoon with my friend.  We had much to catch up on.

The table was set when he arrived.  What a lovely lunch it was!  We joked and talked and caught up on our lives.  I had not seen Joey for a few years.  The talk continued after lunch.  We made our way into the living room.  I started telling Joey about some of the frustrations I’ve been feeling lately regarding my husband’s absence.  My husband was always so busy on business trips or at meetings.  While we talked, I put my legs up on his lap.  He took off my shoes and massaged my feet.  I fidgeted trying to push him away telling him my feet were sweaty.  He told me he didn’t care.

Our talk continued as he massaged deep into the soles of my feet.

He lifted my foot gently massaging the heels and arches.  He kissed my heel playfully.  When he laid my foot down on his lap I could feel the hard outline of a bulge under his pants.  I was torn between slight awkwardness and a slight interest in the extra attention to my feet.  He lifted my feet to his lips and slowly ran his tongue along the arch of my foot sending shivers up my legs.  His expert tongue licked from my arch to my little toes.  He slipped my big toe into his mouth and sucked gently on my toe.

The circular motion was driving me crazy.  My other foot pushed playfully against his hardness.  A moan escaped his lips as his skillful tongue started to lick between my toes.  I could feel his hardness pushing against my foot.  He could tell that I was enjoying this.  I took out his throbbing dick and started to playfully stroke it in my hands.  He asked me if I could just rub my foot on his cock.  Confused but turned on, I obliged.  I tickled his cock with my toes.  My toes caressed the head of his large mushroom tip.  Some pre cum oozed out.  His breathing came in gasps as he humped my foot.

Did this story wet your appetite for some fetish phone sex?  Would you like to hear the next part of my toe-curling adventure?

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke