Family Sex Stories: I knew it was so wrong but I just couldn’t help myself

Family Sex Stories: One day I came home early from work and there he was, my teenage stepson, watching porn in the living room. He had his big hard young cock out and was stroking it fast and hard. He made a feeble effort to cover up when he saw me.  I walked toward him, I just had to get a closer look…….

 Walking over to him in my tight short dress and I could see the panic on his face. I sat down next to him to take a look at his computer screen.  He was watching a hot Mommy/Son video with a hot older blonde seducing her young teen son.

I knew it was so wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. My pussy was already dripping wet. I just had to make some more Milf Sex Stories.

I took hold of his hot rock hard teen cock.  My hand stroked him and along with the scenes of mommy and son kissing made his dick spasm and throb. It was at this point I pulled off my wet panties and sat down on my step son’s throbbing cock.

The blonde milf on film was hot and really turned my stepson on. I could feel his cock finding it’s way into my wet pussy. I positioned my body to accept his hard dick while we both watched this hot blonde Milf get hammered by her well-hung son. So hot to see it and feel it as he pounded me.

I turned up the speakers as loud as they could go and we both got off at the same time with screams of pain and pleasure echoing through our house.

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