Foot Fetish Stories Are So Deliciously Tasty!

There is nothing hotter than a tasty foot fetish stories nibble.  It’s not so taboo anymore for a guy to love feet fetish porn and stories dedicated to beautiful feet.  For those true lovers of delectable toes and beautifully arched feet take a seat with me and enjoy this story.

Back in my younger days, I let a friend set me up on a blind date.  Well, the first date went really well and he asked me out on a second date.  This went on for a little bit.  A very special dinner was coming up and I decided to take my date with me.  His name was Brandon.  Brandon took me shopping to a very nice shopping center and spoiled me with a nice dress, earrings, necklace, and shoes.  At the shoe store, I noticed Brandon loved to watch as I took off my shoes and tried on all the shoes.  I thought nothing of it and dismissed this observation as just a quirky fancy.

That night was amazing!  Everyone dressed in their finest attire.  I wore a red strapless dress that exposed my smooth arms and neck.  Honestly, I loved the feel of this light dress.  I wore the new shoes that Brandon had bought for me.  Everything was perfect.  As time passed, my shoes started to hurt.  I couldn’t wait to get out of them.  We were seated at a quaint table with a long white linen tablecloth.  I put my feet on Brandon’s lap before asking him.  He didn’t seem bothered by this and started rubbing the top of my feet and ankles.  The feel of his expert fingers felt so warm and relaxing.  He quietly removed my shoes and put them under the table.

Dinner arrived and we started dinner.

Brandon playfully took some whipped potato and placed it on my toes.  I was trying hard not to giggle as he dipped his head under the linen and started to lick the food from my dainty toes.  My feet wriggled in his lap.  Brandon’s tongue darted across my toes and along my arch.  As I wiggled my feet Brandon’s cock started growing.  Playfully, I pushed the heel of my foot against his groin causing Brandon to emit a low groan.  Brandon slightly lifted each foot and tasted my heel.  The feel of Brandon’s tongue along my soul sent shivers up my legs.  Suddenly, Brandon started to hump my foot.  His hands continued to massage the other foot.

I couldn’t wait to get home and see what other mischief this dark and handsome gentleman had up his cuff.  To what extent would you go to taste the perfect toes, lick the delicate arch?  Do you have any juicy foot fetish stories of your own that you would like to talk to me about over the phone?

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