Forced Sex Part II- She Gets Fucked In An Alley

Forced Sex Part II

I’m so ashamed to admit that I am enjoying having forced sex. As I am thinking this, I feel the large head of his cock opening my pussy. It makes me moan out load. I quickly bite my tongue to hide my pleasure. Slowly, I feel him entering his long thick cock inside me. With a final rough shove, his entire cock is deep inside me.  He has to be at least 10 inches. He starts rotating his hips and my eyes roll from the sheer pleasure. “You enjoying this, you filthy whore?” He asks angrily as he pulls my head back sharply from my ponytail.

My only response is a whimper as more tears start to fall. I am so disgusted with myself for enjoying this, Public sex with a stranger non the less.

I start rotating my hips

to match his movements and this drives him wild. I want him to cum so this can finally end. “You trying to make me cum Bitch?” He says as if reading my mind. While he pulls out completely and then shoves it back in my pussy roughly. He does this to me repeatedly, each time he pulls out I feel empty and long to feel his cock shoved in my pussy.

Since I am no longer being restrained,

I take advantage while he is pulling out and turn around to face my attacker. He is surprised at my sudden movements and is raising his hands to prevent me from fleeing. But it is not necessary. I reach for his face and lock my lips with his as I lift my legs around his waist. His hand guides his cock into my pussy once more and I start to ride his cock roughly. This is no longer forced sex. This is raw sexual desire. I feel him start to cum deep inside me and this sends me over the edge. I yell out my orgasm squeezing my pussy tight milking every last drop of cum from his cock.

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