Public Sex- Getting Ganged Banged on the F Train Part V

Public Sex Part V. A firm slap to my ass wipes the smirk off my face. When Malik abruptly slips out of my ass and it leaves me feeling empty. Just as I start to miss his fullness inside of me, my eyes widen as I feel Malik trying to shove his thick cock in my already full pussy. Malik and Cash are now double penetrating my pussy and it is pure agony. I immediately start to beg “Please Papi, this is too much put it back in my Ass!” “Please Papi, I will be a good girl”.

I turn back to look at Malik who is now looking at me with a smirk on his face. “You going to behave Bitch?” He asks looking me dead in the eyes. All I can manage is a weak nod yes. “I can’t hear you” He scowls as he fucks me harder. “Yes, Papi!” I yell out. Instantly regretting it, as I remember being throat fucked earlier. It seems every time I open my mouth It is time for Oral Sex.

Malik immediately slips out

of my pussy and sticks his cock right into my ass. His cock is so slick from my pussy there is little resistance.  The painful double penetration seems to have heightened my pleasure sensors.  As Malik starts to fuck my ass faster and faster, I begin to feel an intense orgasm building inside of me. Each stroke of his cock is hitting the special spot in my ass I never knew existed. “I’m going to fucking cum” I yell out.  Consequently, this makes Cash fuck my pussy fast, rough and hard, but its Malik’s first shot of hot cum in my ass that takes me over the edge.

My arms and legs give out by the time Cash are also cumming inside of me. I can barely keep my eyes open when I hear the train doors open; I look up and see about 20 men on board the train. That’s the last thing I see before exhaustion takes me.

To be Continued…

Public Sex Part VI  1/04/2018

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