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I grab my dildo and run it across his lips he freaks out instantly but I calm him down with “ Its just a dildo and no one will know but us.” “Open up baby get it wet for me I might even use it for a show afterward.” That definitely got his attention, he did as told and opened right up. His lips wrapped around the head of that dildo sucking it, his tongue rubbing all over it. It was pretty hot and I felt it was time for Ken to get the real thing. I brought in the escort and replaced the dildo for the escorts big dick. Silly Ken had no idea now he was sucking on the real thing. He lips pushing further down on my friends cock, his mouth was dripping getting that cock soaked. I had no idea Ken was such a good little cock sucker. “Now baby your about to feel a bit of pressure against your ass but don’t worry you’ll love it.” I grabbed my strap on and pushed the tip right inside my mouth, I needed to lube it for his first time. Of course Ken squirmed and tried to fight it but he was cuffed so I won. “Relax almost there.”

The strap on tip went in nice and easy, and after just a few easy thrust I got it in all the way. I start thrusting in and out of his ass, that’s when he started moaning. I grab his hip I thrust again and this time Ken shot out all over the sheet underneath him. My friend got so excited watching so excited that he blew too. I decided it was time I remove the blindfold and the reaction was priceless. “ I told you I could fuck you gay baby.” Ready for a little ass fucking of your own? Should I bring my gay escort friend or just my strap on? Cheap phone sex and the best fucking fantasies!

Kinky Kelsey