Forced Bi is a big fantasy that men have and I love teaching bi-curious guys how to suck cock.

I know there are a lot of boys out there who want to know what it’s like to suck dick but they think it makes them weird or gay so they keep it a secret. That’s when Forced Bi is perfect. They fantasize about it and jerk off to gay porn as they imagine what it would be like. It’s only with me that they can finally see just how much fun it can be.

Ryan never told me he was into Forced Bi or that he wanted to suck dick but he seemed really interested in hearing me talk about blowing guys. I thought he liked the idea of me with other men but then noticed he got hard as he blushed and asked if I’d ever made a guy blow another guy. I smiled and asked if he wanted me to do that to him and he got all defensive, telling me ‘No, of course not.’

He kept going on and on about how he was normal and would never do anything like that which was a big red flag that he was too embarrassed to admit what he wanted.

 It’s okay because I gave it to him a few nights later. He came over and I took him to my bedroom where Adrian was waiting for him. He asked what was going on and excitedly asked me if we were having a threesome. Then nearly died when I told him to shut up and get on his knees because he was Adrian’s for the next hour.

 He tried to talk me out of it but I put my hands on his shoulders and forced him down as Adrian got off the bed. He was already naked and semi-hard and I stood behind Ryan so he’d stay put. Adrian got right in his face and put his hand on his dick, pumping it as he got harder. “Look how big he’s getting,” I said to Ryan, teasing him as he took a shaky breath. “He’s going to be stuffing your mouth with that baby,” I said as Adrian stopped and held his dick, smacking Ryan in the face with it.

 His big dick hit him on the cheek and Adrian told him to open up because he had a five-day load of cum for him. It was so fun torturing him like this and a rush went through me as I grabbed Ryan by the hair, yanking his head back. Adrian told him to watch his teeth then held his dick as he shoved it in Ryan’s mouth.

 He made a muffled groan and gagged as it hit the back of his throat.

I let Adrian take his head and he began face fucking Ryan, ramming his dick in and out of his mouth. He groaned and said “You like this, don’t you? Fucking fag.” to humiliate Ryan even more but he loved it. Ryan leaned forward and held Adrian’s thighs as he swallowed his dick whole, moving with Adrian as he sucked him off.

 I watched as my two boys enjoyed themselves and Adrian’s thrusts got jerkier as he grunted over Ryan. He threw his head back and he closed his eyes as he came, filling Ryan’s mouth with his tasty hot cum. He choked on it, spilling it down his chin but he managed to get some of it down.

Afterward, Adrian pushed Ryan away from him and laughed while Ryan wiped the cum off his face. Adrian leaned over so he could look him in the eyes and said: “You were a good sweetheart, I can’t wait to do that again.” Neither could I, maybe he could take Ryan’s anal cherry.

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