Forced bi?  There’s nothing forced about it!

Forced bi is such a funny word.  The minute a cock hits the lips of a closet faggot, there is nothing forced happening.  I probably couldn’t pull him off of that cock if I tried. That’s what happened to my tiny-dicked faggot when I introduced him to my Alpha boyfriend.

It’s the weekend!

That means a lot of cocks need sucking tonight. This seems like the perfect time to train my little faggot in the art of cock sucking. He’s gotten a lot of practice in with my boyfriend. He’s such a greedy little faggot, licking his balls like they’re filled with the nectar of life and then sucking with all of his might. I couldn’t believe he actually came hands-free after taking my man’s massive load. I had made him into a good little bitch. But there was no what we were gonna stop at one cock.

There’s a little place I know where little faggots like him can work their holes and be useful. I get into the booth that would be like a second home for him from now on and we wait. He’s so eager I can practically see him salivating.

Our first ‘customer’ (pff they’d have to be paying him something and they’re totally not) was a thick, black cock. It slid into that hole and my faggots eyes just lit up. It was musty and dripping already. This cock needed cleaning and my good little cock sucker would be the perfect hoover to handle it. I instruct him on exactly how I want him to do it. How I want him to make sure he cleans the underside and gets around that uncircumcised head. If he wants that creamy-filled reward he’s gonna have to do a good job.

Would you do a good job and follow my instructions?  For cheap phone sex, call me up and let me know!